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Feb 3, 2010 01:08 PM

Where to lunch near Waldorf-Astoria? Alone in NYC!

I am wandering around for a day in Manhattan and want to go to a foodie place for lunch by myself while my significant other is at a conference. Where should I go? It needs to be all about the food, not so much the ambiance.....thanks for your replies!

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  1. La Mangeoire is a lovely authentic Provencal restaurant on 2nd Ave near 53rd St. - just a few blocks from the Waldorf. The food is very good, and the decor evocative, and service is gracious. And Christian Delouvrier, a very well regarded chef, is in the kitchen now.

    1. Alto might be a good option.

      La Grenouille is also in that zone. I have never tried it, but it is topic of a current thread.

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        Seasonal is another very good option.

      2. Le Bernardin, 155 W 51st St, between 6th and 7th Ave.

        1. I'd walk at bit and go to The Modern on 53rd between 5th and 6th -- The Bar Room has a fantastic menu, Danny Meyer rarely disappoints, probably worth getting a reservation

          1. Thanks for all of your replies. But what about something a bit more casual?

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              Grand Sichuan on 55th and 2nd, if you iike spicy asian food.

              For dessert, Financier Patisserie on 54th and 1st, and also the baklava at Güllüoglu, a Turkish cafe on 52nd and 2nd.

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                Get the chestnut baklava at Gulloglu...utterly heavenly. I like that Grand Sichuan a lot too.

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                La Mangeoire is plenty casual. And very, very good. Been there about 30 years!

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                  The Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station. And sit at the counter.

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                    Pretty cool NYC experience. Just did that for the first time today. Had a nice bowl of clam chowder.

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                  Less formal:

                  Ise on 49th between 3rd & Lex for great Japanese lunch specials. Caffe Linda a couple of doors away for excellent casual Italian.

                  The block of 53rd between 2nd & 3rd has some little gems:

                  Ariyoshi for Japanese (get the deluxe box)
                  Tadka for Indian

                  Going west, Soba Nippon on 52nd St. between 5th & 6th (a bit pricey but excellent Soba),.