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Feb 3, 2010 01:06 PM

Tipping Question

I went to a deli for lunch today with a friend. They messed up my order so I sent it back. The replacement was also wrong but I ate 1/2 of it but before I opened the remaining half. I was surprised to see it also had onions, which I don't like or want. I knew the taste was off in the half I ate but I didn't realize what it was. The waitress saw me and came over and I showed her that it was wrong again plus it had onions. She apologized and promptly brought me the correct sandwich (which i could only eat half of). She profusely appologized and said the sandwich was on the house (plus my coke wasn't billed). The waitress actually thanked me for being so nice about it all!!

The bill for both of us with tax would have been just under $25.00 (with tax). My friend left his portion plus a tip, and I left a tip. Combined our tip was $5.00, which is at least 20% what the bill would have been.

I'm wondering if I should have left more? After all, I did get a good lunch (eventually) and it only cost me few dollars. The waitress was very good and handled this all professionally. I just somehow feel I shorted her.

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  1. You tipped on what the bill would have been before the comp, which is very conscientious on your part (and in my mind appropriate). You probably could have given her an extra dollar, but I don't think you severely shortchanged her by leaving 20% pre-comp.

    1. True, you were generous tipping 20% on the original check, and many folks wouldn't, but in cheap spots I tend to tip much more. There's no reason a server in a deli should make 15k a year, while one in a steakhouse makes six figures. Sure, one probably went in with a better resume, but that's a huge disparity.

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      1. re: almansa

        I don't see my role, as a diner, to make up for the perceived inequity of this situation. It is what it is.

      2. So who messed up your order? Who's "they"? Was it at least partially the fault of the waitress? After all she took the order and placed it with the kitchen, no?

        If that's the case, your tip would've been overly generous. If she had nothing to do with the messed up, then your tip was appropriate.

        1. The first mistake was probably the kitchen's (let's just have that for argument's sake). The second time, though, the waitress should have double checked given the first mistake. She needs to bear some of the onus of sandwich #2.

          Leaving the tip level you did was more than generous.

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          1. re: jfood

            I'm completely in agreement with jfood - the waitress should have checked to make sure your order was correct the second time. Having said that, I'd have done exactly the same thing you did with the tip.