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Feb 3, 2010 12:55 PM

Anyone been to Craft lately?

I haven't been since they lost their wonderful chef de cuisine and pasty chef (and consequently changed their menus!). I heard the quality and overall experience really went downhill since the loss. It's been about a year now, and I am wondering if they've been able to get their act together? Anyone been lately? Anything good/bad to report?

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  1. Still at the bottom of the hill. The food seemed to be either underseasoned or overseasoned. There was no communication between the kitchen and the servers as to what was out that night or how many orders of items were left. The deserts are nowhere near what they were and for some reason, the wine list was purged of anything reasonably priced. I believe the least expensive wine was $72 and there were maybe only 2 or 3 bottles under $100. If I was to go a next time I would bring my own wine.

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      The wine list has always been that way, in my experience.

      While I've enjoyed my visits under the new regime well enough, they don't live up to the experiences I had when Matt Accarrino was at the helm. Friends have reported similar experiences. The food just seems a bit dumbed down (and my friend recently tried SPQR up in SF, where Accarrino is now, and reported that it really reminded him of my he had previously liked Craft so much). Ingredients have still been top quality, but it just doesn't seem as special as it previously did.

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        We brought our own wine and that, along with the short ribs, was the most enjoyable part of the meal. We had 6 people, shared a number of salads, starters and mains (including the stupidly expensive and completely useless $110 Rib Eye For The Table...don't ask...wasn't my idea). I'm in no hurry to go back.
        However, the CraftBar menu looked intriguing and I did have a good martini to warm up.

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          I brought a bottle of wine during our dinela visit and corkage was a whopping $35!!

        2. They didn't "loose" Matthew Accarrino & Catherine Schimenti.
          Colicchio fired them.
          That is, sorry about Colicchio.

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            one tiny detail..he fired Acarrino so Schimenti quit in solidarity.
            sorry too. that is sorry too about Colicchio :)
            as a former regular at Craft, i agree it just doesn;t have the same umph that it had when matt was there. the speicalness is gone.

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                Good question, but Accarrino and Catherine Schimenti (former pastry chef) are dating. She quit at the same time Accarrino was fired...

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                  they did not see eye to eye on the running of the place

            1. My family had an outstanding dinner there at Thanksgiving -- every bit as good as the many meals I had at the NYC location. The pastries, in particular, were outstanding. I will say, however, that the wine rec wasn't to my liking.

              1. We've continued to go semi-regularly but these days tend to sit at the bar and mostly order from the Craftbar menu, occasionally interspersing something from the regular menu. We went last Saturday and sat at the bar and actually had the Dine LA menu which was pretty well executed and certainly a good value. I think after Matt and Cat left, we sat in the main dining room once or twice. Had some oversalting issues at least one of those times. My main complaint with the new regime is the dessert menu, which as scottyp34 states is nowhere what it used to be. I'm a major dessert person and Craft had one of the better dessert menus in town, at least of the places I go (although my very favorite dessert anywhere is Jar's butterscotch pudding). The parfait that Cat did with the vanilla bean ice cream, peanut butter and marshmallow is sorely missed.

                1. Sarah,

                  I came here with a group of 5 during dinela last week. I was really disspointed with the food. I was expecting more finesse and exciting food. Maybe because it was dinela and the menu is dumbed down. The meal was pretty much served family style. Some of the appetizers that came out were really sorry dishes like the salad. It was over dressed and looked like it had been sitting for quite a while. All the entrees tasted extremely heavy and over salted. Our dessert portions were 3x larger than our entree portions.. weird. For a Michelin Star restaurant I did not get that from the food. I have to say that the service was stellar though.. probably the best I've had compared to Jean Georges (3 michelin stars NY), Providence (LA), and Le Bernadin (NY). Not a restaurant I would return to.

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                    Craft always serves the food family style.

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                      Craft has no Michelin stars and never has.

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                        And I'd bet never will! I work in the CAA building next door and still can't find a reason to set foot in the door anymore, at least beyond the bar. It's a mystery to me why Colicchio can't get his act together in this space... Even more of a mystery why people continue to frequent the restaurant -- I guess it's because of the location.