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Feb 3, 2010 12:29 PM

Places to eat 56th and 8th nyc?

I am a tour escort and I will be bringing a high school group to City Center (56th and 6th) and then the students will be given $10 for lunch. Can anyone suggest a place that is not too pricey, that would appeal to high schoolers, and something that doesn't take a lot of time.
Thank you for any suggestions in advance.

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  1. Pizza is probably your best bet for that price range.

    1. Pizza is an easy one. Angelo's, on Broadway between 53/54 (under the Late Show marquee), is a very good local option; $10 should do if you order large pies to split.

      Not to get too stereotypical, but burgers could also be good, so consider Lucky's Famous, on 52nd just east of 9th Ave (be prepared for artery-blocking awesome, esp. if you order shakes).

      Finally, I don't know how large your group is, but if you can get in and they're up for it, Wondee Siam is a very good Thai place on 9th Ave between 52/53, and it has a $6.95 lunch special. Chowhounders debate the merits of this place and its across-the-street sibling endlessly, and many think that it's slipped, but at $7 the simple fact that it's good enough to inspire heated debate should be encouraging.

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        We recently had a meeting on 54th and thanks to some of the thoughts I found on this Board, we stopped for a bite at Wondee. I thought it was a great value for Thai that was much, much better than what we get in NJ.

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          TOPAZ is a great thai spot..on 56th b/w 6th and 7t h I believe

      2. I agree that Topaz is great but it's on the small side so if your group is large it may not be the best bet. Lenny's sandwiches are delicious (it's on 8th, btwn 55th and 56th I believe) and there's always the Whole Foods in Time Warner Center which has a great prepared foods section.

        1. Another thought is the burger joint inside the Parker Meridien Hotel, hard to find, but fits the bill and is very convenient to the location -- drawback is that it can be very crowded. I also like Topaz a lot. If you want to go over to 8th avenue, there is Lenny's, Luigi's, Wendy's, and even a McDonald's within 2 blocks -- I like Luigi's pizza and grilled chicken salad, Lenny's is Lenny's

          1. Please don't bring the kids to NYC and then take them to McDonald's or Wendy's for lunch! There is a very convenient, informal, and inexpensive place I like on 55th St. between Broadway and 8th called Vizio. They have a huge variety of very good burgers - including steak, veggie, ostrich, bison, salmon, elk, etc. - ranging from $7-9.25 ($14.50 for Kobe beef) as well as panini, sandwiches, and salads ($7-9.50). I think they would find it fun, different but not too, and affordable.