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Feb 3, 2010 12:27 PM

Vegetarian friendly "nice" restaurants outside of Toronto?

So I'm thinking for the upcoming 'romantic/hallmark invented' holiday of renting a car and taking a nice drive outside of the city, then going to a nice-ish restaurant somewhere....

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a restaurant that's outside of Toronto (no more than 3 hours away preferably!) that has good food but isn't insanely expensive, that would be able to accommodate two vegetarians?

We don't often go to "nice" restaurants, as their vegetarian options are usually sub-par!

Bonus points of course if it's somewhere that would be a pretty drive!

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  1. I'm heading out to Guelph this weekend and I'm looking forward to dinner at The Cornerstone. I haven't been there before but trusting a friend on this one. Unfortunately I couldn't find a menu online.

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      Thanks! I've eaten at Cornerstone, it is quite good.