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Feb 3, 2010 12:22 PM

L'Autre Pied / Arbutus for Lunch?


I recently offered a friend a long list of potential eateries we should visit on our next trip to London, out of the list these two were picked out as the ones we should most consider. I have been to Arbutus before, and Pied a Terre but not L'Autre. There wil be four of us attending on a Friday Lunch, and I suspect aiming for the set menus. Now both seem to offer two choices, and while Arbutus is a little cheaper I wonder if Autre may be slightly more relaxed and lend itself to a quieter lunch (I remember Arbutus being very noisy)? one in the party would like fish, either particularly good at cooking this?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated

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  1. Stanley, I've been to both a few times and I'm a big fan of each. However, L'Autre Pied is definitely a quieter, more refined lunch spot with less hustle and bustle than Arbutus. It is still relaxed though and the cooking is a definite step up from Arbutus.

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