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Feb 3, 2010 12:02 PM

"Healthy" restaurants in Dallas

I have friends coming into town from "Northern California" that refer to Dallas as "DQ Country". I would like to take them somewhere that does not rely on huge portions as part of the value proposition and that offers healthy options (think Mediterranean diet). It would be a real plus if the food was good. Value is more of an issue than price.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Samar or Medina (is it still open?) offer smaller portions at not a totally unreasonable price. Maybe La Calle Dolce? I haven't been so I don't know for sure. Maybe some random empanada place (check the empanada thread). Maybe Zaguan bakery although I wasn't real impressed with what I ate.

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      I immediately thought of Kalachandji's because it's so non-Dallas and a suprise to people (especially Californians!) that think Dallas is all about beef and fried food. Samar and some of the other listed are good choices. I will also throw out Bolsa and York Street. They both put out local, seasonal ingredients in honest and appropriate portions.

    2. "Northern California" as in San Francisco area or further north. Our Vietnamese options would be healthy but if they can get that where they live then I will skip that suggestion.

      Value is more of an issue than price? Price and value are intertwined no? Do you mean that it should be good food and be cheap also?

      Jasmine Thai is a good option in Plano

      Jericho in Irving (Palestinian owned Mediterranean) or even Kasbah Grill (Moroccan) in Irving would both be good option and on the cheap. Jericho has some awesome falafel (usually I don't like it),

      Bliss Raw Cafe has been getting some good reviews

      Kalachandji's in Dallas

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      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

        Thanks for the replies. I am not necessarily looking for food options they could not get in California, but rather looking for food options they would appreciate.

        Price is not an issue, really. It could be expensive or inexpensive. Some expensive meals are a great value (e.g., Abacus) and some inexpensive meals are still a bad value.

        I am particularly interested in trying out Bliss.

        Thanks again.

      2. Fireside Pies - but forget the very good pies and look at apps and salads that are huge and intended for sharing.

        1. Farnatchi serves sensibly smaller portions at very reasonable prices. And, it's BYOB. That should make it very attractive to Northern Californian wine lovers.
          Come to think of it, Urbano should suit them equally as well.

          1. I might add Nonna to the mix too. Although not BYOB, their sensational Italian food is also portioned sensibly smaller. Albeit, not the prices.