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Feb 3, 2010 11:46 AM

Tristate board

Why in the world did you close the tristate board, it was great???!!!!

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  1. As someone living in the eastern part of upstate NY, I'm much happier with this new board, as the tri-state mostly addressed NJ and CT, areas in which I rarely eat. And you can always check specific boards as needed.

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      1. re: mjoyous


        I am generally most interested in the Capital Region of NY, LI and Manhattan.

        The old Tristate Board has been archived and can still be read :)

        1. To be clear, what we did was split the geographical areas previously covered by the Tristate board, and that meant closing that board and starting new ones, but all the areas previously discussed on the Tristate board are still being discussed.

          The Connecticut portions of the Tristate board are now discussed on the Southern New England board.

          The New Jersey portions of the Tristate board are now discussed on the New Jersey board.

          Long Island, Westchester and other counties previously discussed on the Tristate board are now on the New York State board.

          The rest of the state of New York was also previously discussed on the Tristate board (which made no real sense) and that discussion is, obviously, now located on the New York State board. We're doing our best to move recently active threads from the old Tristate board to the newer boards, but it's a slow process. If anyone wants to help, let us know on this thread:

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          1. re: The Chowhound Team

            Please consider creating a "Fairchester" board covering Westchester and Fairfield counties. Although they are two different states, I believe residents often patronize restaurants across this unique region.

          2. You're right, the new board is too flush with Long Island.

            It's too bad, I miss the Tristate board.

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            1. re: anonymouse1935

              Only because we LIers got called out by a local food journalist for not posting much at all.
              It got discussion going, and spurred some efforts to talk about the local food scene more than usual. The board breakdowns were based on a longer term view of posting activity.

              1. re: mcf

                That's right! Good for you all.

                I guess I just don't like the new board.

                In addition, there's no hot link to the Tristate board when a search brings up 'try the Tristate Archives'. You'd think there would be.