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Best chain deals

Red lobster dinner for 2 $29
Fridays 3 course dinner 12.99
Chili's Dinner for 2 19.99

Any others? Thanks

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  1. Everything on the Taco Bell menu. ;^)

    1. Jack in the box,,Jumbo Jack-two tacos-fries and drink for $3.49
      Carls Jr Big Carl more that twice the meat and cheese than a Big Mac for $1.99

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        Have to admit................. this is such a good deal it has brought me back to fast food when every fiber of my being says "no". It was a good deal when it was $2.49 too. But I've always felt Carl's Jr was the best 'huge' chain' burger out there, with real, decent lettuce and tomato, plus a reasonably good beef patty(s). Usually I prefer In-N-Out, but the Big Carl deal is too good to pass up.

      2. Costco food court's jumbo hot dog (still Hebrew National at some locations) plus a large drink with unlimited refills for $1.50.

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          Best price there is on a meal, but my local Costco's still have the Hebrew National umbrellas while the dog sure doesn't taste like HN any more.

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            Denny's (in NJ at least) is giving away FREE Grand Slam breakfasts on Tuesday, February 9


            I think that's a pretty good deal!

        2. Here in the Great White North, BK offers a value meal - sandwich, choice of fries/rings/salad, and choice of drink for $3.99 Cdn (~$3.70 US). They feature a different sandwich every day, although currently they're giving away "Wild Card" coupons which let you order any sandwich you want, regardless of the day. I like a Whopper with extra tomato (no charge here) and no mayo with a salad and Diet Coke. (I skip the mayo to save on calories, not because I don't like it.) For a burger meal, you get a fair amount of vegetables , and by skipping the mayo and fries, you really cut the fat total. I - almost - don't feel guilty eating it.

          1. Logan's Roadhouse, 2 full meals for $13.99 Mon thru Wednesday and 3 to 6 every day.

            1. Diet Coke in Costco-- 64 cents with free refills.

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                Monthly for the past 6 months, we've been getting a $10.00 off coupon in our newspaper against two dinners at Ruby Tuesday's. Not sure if it's only home delivery, but could be worth picking up an additional paper if we cared to stop more than once a month.

              2. I just had one of Arby's seasonal fish sandwiches, which they're selling 2 for $4 right now. Like any fast food fried fish, it had a bit too much breading, but all in all decent quality and an excellent value for the money.