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Feb 3, 2010 10:50 AM

Korea Market in Fresno (Chow secret?!)

I just got back from Korea Market on the corner of Shaw and Fresno next to Samo's Kitchen and if you need any Korean ingredients this is the place that should be your one and only stop. I have been craving kimchi jigae for a couple of weeks now and knew that I was going to have to stop and get the ingredients to make it at home. After being stymied at the Korea Market on Herndon and Blackstone (see bottom of post) I resolved to drive over to the other market near Fashion Fair. It was a good thing I did!

For under $20 I was able to pick up 2 packages of dried noodles (Soba and ramen), a pack of enoki mushrooms, rice cakes, nori sheets, a tub of shiro miso, and a jar of sambal oelek. While not all the ingredients for a kimchi jigae, I am planning to make a good miso/ramen soup in the coming days and throw whatever sounds good into it.

The selection of groceries is as good as ever, lots of frozen seafood, meats, and pretty much every Korean ingredient for anything you want to cook, I am already planning for jap chae in the coming weeks!

*Note*Just a heads up to everyone, the Korea Market that used to be on the corner of Blackstone and Herndon is closed now. The windows and doors are papered over and a sign on the door says "Asiana Market Coming." It looks like the little cafe attached to the market is closed as well for the time being.

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  1. Thanks for the news about where to get Korean fixings. Sad to hear Yummy's near Herndon and Blackstone closed. That used to be my little Korean hideaway.

    1. I'm really looking forward to taking my lady there to restock on our basic asian ingredients. Plus, I've never tried kim chee before. I figure this has likely got to be the best place to get it in town.

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        Definitely try to time it so you can head over to Samo's Kitchen for dinner or lunch, it's a couple of doors down. Easily the best Korean food in Fresno IMO.

        P.S. I like the blog, can't wait to see more reviews!

      2. this restaurant your talking about is the one from the old korea mart, form blackstone and herdon they just moved, but now they are much awesome looking than ever, its better than older one, and has some good food there too.

        1. Yummy Korean BBQ didn't close, I am sitting in here right now. They just combined the restaurant and the market (asiana market) into one

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            I'm confused, Mradamching, where exctly are you getting the Korean BBQ? Herndon and Blackstone? If so, which corner?

            1. re: Gail

              SE corner, across the street from Imperial Garden.

              Yummy BBQ
              90 E Magill Ave
              Fresno, CA
              (559) 432-2614

              Imperial Garden Restaurant
              6640 N Blackstone Ave Ste 108, Fresno, CA 93710