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Feb 3, 2010 10:47 AM

Where to get the best coq au vin in Boston?

Coq au vin is one of my favorite winter foods, and Garden of Eden made a very good one, until they closed a couple years ago. We went to Petit Robert in the South End last week, and I was pretty disappointed with their version. Any recommendations for good places to try in Boston or surrounding areas?

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  1. I'm no expert on the dish, but I *loved* the coq au vin that I had at Brasserie JO last week.

    1. My House! ha ha ha
      Brasserie Jo's is really excellent, I agree with the above.

      1. Agree on Brasserie Jo.

        Bon Savor has a great "summer coq au vin", but it's off the menu now.

        A lot of places that used to offer it do a roast or grilled chicken now instead, like Aquitaine, Pierrot, and Beacon Hill Bistro. Maybe it's a seasonal thing at those places, too.

        1. for a slightly different take on the dish, try the 3-cups chicken at Jo Jo Taipei

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            I had Coq au vin last weekend at Pigalle and it was awesome. Came with the buttery noodles. Not as beautiful as my husbands Salmon in puff pastry (also delicious), but really really good. I often think Pigalle is overlooked by a lot of people. They have a great $40 3 course prix fix available every night.

            1. re: MParente

              I used to love Pigalle, but I felt its quality had declined in the last couple of years as the chef/owner got distracted by other ventures. Prix fixe aside, it's not cheap, so it's kind of hard working up the enthusiasm to give it another shot. It sure doesn't get much coverage here. I have found his other restaurant, Marco, to have been more consistent recently.


              1. re: MC Slim JB

                Agree with your comment on Pigalle (although they do seen to have some faithfull fans). The last time I was there (@1.5 years ago) the food and service were just average. Have not been wowed by Marco either. I no longer go to either.

          2. Echo the Brasserie Jo recommendations.