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Savannah with Kids - Help Fill in Our List!

We will be in Savannah with 2 young kids in April for 3 days. Please help add to my list any restaurants that are both chow- and kid-friendly (or delete any that aren't)!!

Also, any suggestions for activities are welcome! We've been several times WITHOUT kids, but never with. Thanks!

Vinnie Van GoGo's - pizza
Screaming Mimi's - pizza
Firefly - breakfast/brunch
Mrs. Wilkes - lunch
Sweet Leaf Smokehouse - BBQ (606 Abercorn St)
Leopold's Ice Cream
Clary's Cafe
Mabel Francis Potter's Cupcake Emporium (6 State St) - fabulous moist cupcakes
Back in the Day Bakery (at Bull & 40th)
Sentient Bean

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  1. Sweet Leaf is closed.

    Vinnie's, Mrs. Wilkes, Leopold's, Clary's, and Back in the Day should all be fine with kids.

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    1. I rarely recommend the Crab Shack on Tybee, but kids love to feed the alligators there. They sell bags of alligator chow that you put on cane poles and dangle in front of the baby gators.

      1. You know, it's not a place I ever go to, but I did have a visit from my niece and her 10-year-old daughter over the summer, and she wanted to take the kid to the Pirates House. Its definitely a kids friendly place, and the buffet lunch is pretty tolerable - decent fried chicken, vegetables, etc. If your kids are "pirate-age," you might give the Pirate's House a try.

        1. Sweet Potatoes on the corner of Eisenhower and Waters Avenue next to a gas station. This is a great place to take kids. The food is great, the prices are very reasonable, and the wait staff is SO accomodating. My very cute 15-month old granddaughter was flinging food and very active. At the end of the meal, I was starting to clean up the mess under the table and they would just not hear of it. We once had a party of ten people there and the bill was barely over $100. I can't recommend Sweet Potatoes enough.

          1. If you are doing Savannah with kids, you should go to the Pirate House. The food is a 7.5 out of 10 but the atmosphere is fun for kids and adults. It is a historic old pub/restaurant that has been in operation since 1753 and for that reason alone should be on your itinerary. Also you aught to make a stab at Lady and Sons, Paula Deen's restaurant. It isn't fru-fru-ee or high concept. They make their reservations daily, not weeks in advance so if you call early in the morning you have a shot at a table. Worth the time, great food.

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              The somewhat newly reopened Crystal Beer Parlor is good with kids and fun for adults, as well. I believe it is on the corner of Tatnall and Charlton.

            2. j christopher's is also good for breakfast or lunch. if you need some snacks, brighter day natural foods near forsyth park is perfect.
              headed west on abercorn, turn right onto derenne and look on right in the first block
              for an asian/korean restaurant. looks like a dive, but delish!

              1. sweet leaf closed, sadly.
                the food at clary's is terrible.
                the cupcake emporium is someplace you could kind of stop and grab a cupcake to go, but you can't really sit, and it's largely a gift store which can be a huge pain depending on the age of your kids. good cupcakes though.
                sentient bean is absolutely your best bet for a tasty lunch. there are some games stacked up on a shelf you can borrow to entertain your kids. just chess and checkers really, but my 3yo is happy enough to move the pieces around, and he likes their quesadilla.
                back in the day is not kid-friendly unless your kids are old enough to sit still. there tend to be a lot of business people in there having lunch.
                i agree with the addition of the crab shack for entertainment value. the menu is pretty limited - you all have to like and want to eat seafood. there's some frozen pizza if your kids are picky.
                we tried the distillery for lunch with our 3yo the other day - it's right by the visitor's center and has a nice kids menu, and it's cavernous so ok with kid noise, and there's a tv showing old buster keaton movies.
                bonna bella yacht club on the water is nice because you can sit outside and see the boats, and there's a spot in front for the kids to toss beanbags. good food, beautiful location.
                huc-a-poo's pizza on tybee is very kid-friendly, but a great local bar scene at the same time.
                haven't tried firefly for breakfast, but the service at dinner is notoriously mean and slow, and the room is very small.
                there's a new cafe in forsyth park run by the folks who own the mansion. the food is overpriced, and not nearly as good as the sentient bean, but gosh it's convenient to the playground.

                for activities try:
                the savannah bee company's honey store on broughton - it's super kid-friendly with a hive and everything.
                roundhouse railroad museum
                jepson center - has a great kids area
                tybee - there's a tiny aquarium out there, but really, just go walk on the beach

                have fun

                1. You should not miss Mrs. Wilkes while in Savannah. We had so much fun hanging out around River Street with our boys. They liked dining outside at Tubby's. I loved the River Room there.
                  Savannah is a very walkable city. I hope you have good weather.