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Good grub in Towson?

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Any rec's for a Jersey foodie in town for a few days. Have been here a few times & had "the cheesesteak", Koco's crab cake and Fortunato's pizza to name a few. Should be available for takeout as I am looking after an invalid relative.

Thank you charming hounds!

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  1. For takeaway in Towson, I like:

    Cafe Spice (Indian -- across York Rd. from the library)
    Pho Dat Thanh (a Pho joint -- next to Recher Theatre)
    Kabob Hut (Chicken kabobs, pitas, etc. -- just off the circle on Allegheny)

    1. If you like sushi, Sushi Hana.

      1. Soup, salad and sandwiches from Atwater's in Belvedere Square, about a half mile south of Fortunato's.


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          Burger Brothers on Allegheny Avenue. Not Garbage Five Guys. Nice Family-Run Business. http://www.burgerbrosburgers.com/ ---->MENU BELOW, CLICK

        2. I like Kabob Hut. They are really solid.
          13 Allegheny Avenue
          Towson, MD 21204-3908
          (410) 821-8005