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Feb 3, 2010 09:57 AM

Dinner recs with excellent cocktails in SF tonight

Going out for dinner with a friend from out of town. Looking for great food, and excellent cocktails. Been to NOPA, been to Presidio Social Club, Absinthe, Heaven's Dog so looking to try a different place. Okay if it's on the pricey side. Thanks!

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  1. Range, Beretta, Alembic.

    I like Range for both excellent drinks and great food. Actually, I love this place. Good, well edited wine selection as well.

    Alembic has the best drinks.

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    1. re: david de berkeley

      Would second Alembic, but I haven't been to Range or Beretta. I have been to Starbelly (same owner as Beretta) though and thought the food was very good, but not great.

      Range probably has the best food, Alembic the best cocktails.

    2. What about Aziza? It's gotten a lot of love on this board and I think it's great for both food and cocktails.

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      1. RN74 has an interesting cocktail program and pretty great food (try the tempura maitake mushrooms)
        Orson hasn't gotten too much love, but their cocktails are really good and food is definitely solid, I'd put it in about the same rank as Range though I haven't been to Range in over a year.

        1. Serpentine!

          Different. *great* cocktails. Very good food. One reviewer recently said better than Range.