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Feb 3, 2010 08:53 AM

YYC - Dinner around the Chinook Centre Area

Hi all,

My buddy and I are planning to do some shopping and would like to find a good restaurant nearby to try out, want to try something other than Red Lobster, Joey's, East Side Mario. Probably not Jap food as I know there's Kinjo nearby, and not Vietnanese either, those are about the only places I know about. Hopefully it could be something within 10 min drive. Price-wise would be about 15-30 per person.


On a side note, I heard about Smuggler's splitting their restaurant in half for something else, what exactly is in the new part of Smuggler's?

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  1. Il Centro has amazing pizza. There has been a few comments on here regarding their service, but we had great service when we went. The only issue is that I think they close at 6pm on weeknights so you'll have to get there early.

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      I would love to try it one day, but am a bit concerned about the services after I read about it around the board here. May be will try their take-out next time. Thanks for the post.

    2. If Mexican would fit the bill, I'm sure you could get to Tu Tierra (on Fairmont just south of Heritage) well within your 10 minute drive time.

      Or how about Chinese/Szechuan? If so, there is Leo Fu's just a few blocks south of Chinook on 70th Ave.

      1. There is also Gaucho Brazilian BBQ across the street at the corner of 58th Ave and MacLeod. You can try their rodizio service (all you can eat meat).

        1. Praga Cafe is near by on Macleod and 60th. I haven't heard any reviews, but would love to hear about any experiences.

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            a friend told me that her friend said it was good.... whatever that means hahah.

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              Lots of wonderful suggestions on this page, thank you all! Will try out Praga tonight and report back later :)

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                So, we went to check it out on Friday. On the website, it says that they are open from 10:30-8:30+ on Friday, so I tried calling in the afternoon just to check, no one picked up at all in the afternoon, got there at around 5pm and it was closed. It closes from 2-4pm daily apparently according to a note on their front door, but somehow it wasn't open till after 5:30pm that day, so going after 5:30 would prob be the safest.

                The place is pretty small with about 6-8 tables for 2. The tables were all pretty small, enough for 2 only even if some of them have 3 or 4 chairs at the table. The place needs better ventilation since it smells like grease.

                As for food, we ordered:

                Smoked Salmon with horseradish cream sauce...............$8
                Served with Toasted bun

                - Nothing special about this dish really, 4 slices of bread (soft), smoked salmon enough for the bread and the horseradish cream sauce.

                Praga Goulash.....................................................................$9
                Home-made Goulash (Beef stew) with Bohemian dumplings.

                - I don't really know what real Czech food is like, so can't really judge if it was authentic. I like the beef stew, the flavour was just right and not super rich compared to a similar dish at Jonas' Hungarian Restaurant (I know a lot of ppl like that place, but for me, the dishes at Jonas' are much too rich for me). The dumplings were soft and go nicely with the beef stew along the side.

                Czech Schnitzel....................................................................$10
                Served with Potato salad, Caesar salad or French fries.

                - They've over-fried the pork which made it super dry and hard to chew on, I don't recommend this one.

                We were the only customers there at the time between 545-7pm. One guy walked into the place and was there for a beer only, looks like he's a regular though. I think this place would get most of the customers for lunches from nearby businesses, not so much for dinner. Our server was pretty young, possibly the daughter of the family. Don't expect superb service at this small place since I think you are supposed to pay and order first. But since we were the only customers there that night, she decided to serve us and we paid after the meal.

                So overall, if you want something different and quick, it's worth trying Praga Cafe and the price for dinner was quite reasonable. It's more of a family restaurant with a small kitchen and dining area. Not exactly the most comfortable dining chairs they have, but II would recommend the beef stew over the dried pork. ^^"

                Praga Cafe
                6008 MacLeod Trail SW #108, Calgary, AB T2H 0K1, CA

                1. re: overseastar

                  Thanks for the review. I went to that location a couple of times when it was the middle eastern place (the name escapes me) and I've been meaning to try it, it sounds a lot like the food at Jonas, my fave for cheap Eastern European.

                  Jonas' Restaurant
                  937 6 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0V7, CA

          2. there is the dog and duck pub about 4 blocks north. good pub grub. i usually opt for the pizzas.

            also, there is Coco Brooks (pizza) on 52nd (i think) and blackfoot.