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Feb 3, 2010 08:51 AM

How should I use my MILK chocolate chips? Not for CCCs.

My friend brought me a lot of milk choc chips from the states as I forgot to specify semisweet.

Any ideas on how best to use them? I don't often use milk chocolate and am aware that chips have stabilizers in them so can't be tempered etc.

Cookies, bars, or muffins would probably be a good start.

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  1. i'm not a huge fan of the milky stuff myself, so i'd probably pair them with other ingredients that would counter the sweetness with a bitter or sour component. i'm thinking along the lines of walnuts & sour cherries...maybe biscotti?

    or you could go the traditional route and pair them with peanut butter in cookies or brownies.

    1. There are a bunch of things you can do with them if you microwave them and whisk until smoothe.

      1. I see you are in the U.K., so maybe the names are different. I'd suggest putting them in Blondies, which are brownies using brown sugar but no chocolate in the batter, and Congo Bars, which are Blondies with coconut in the batter. Either with or without nuts.
        Also in Oatmeal Cookies, Magic Bars, and Granola.

          1. re: normalheightsfoodie

            Second that! Chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup and salted butter. Mmmmm.

          2. melt and blend into a cheesecake batter - milk chocolate cheesecake.. yumm!