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Feb 3, 2010 08:29 AM

my Wild Boar is angry, how to cook to tenderness ?

Every time I cook wild boar (tried twice), by the time it reaches the proper internal temp (130 to 140 after removal from oven & resting period)'s tough like leather.

Is this a slow-cook meat, or a quick sear/broil ?
If the cut is thick, (like a rack), it needs some decent cooking time.

This stuff is expensive, and if I can't get it right....I quit.


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  1. Wouldn't you braise it? I have only had it in restaurants, never cooked it myself ...

    1. I'd go with a slow braise, and be sure to save some of it to grind up and make a ragu (which is also slow-braised, now that I think about it...)

      1. I've only cooked with it once, but braised it in a tomato sauce until it was fall-apart tender and served it as a ragu.

        Details and pics here:
        Wild Boar Ragu

        1. When it was offered to me in a restaurant once, the server told me in advance that it could often be very tough and they wouldn't know til it was cooked, so they made the offer of a replacement entree ahead of time. I think it's a typical characteristic/risk with wild boar meat.

          I'd quit, too. :-)


            The site above is from a hunters site. Wild pigs in California are part European boar so the meat should be similar.