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Apr 18, 2005 12:44 AM

Indra in Glendale

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My wife and I just got back from Indra in Glendale (517 Verdugo Road). We read about Indra (they promote themselves as a Thai-Chinese restaurant) in Counter Intelligence but we couldn't seem to find any postings on Chowhound, so we decided to check it out for ourselves. We weren't exactly bold in our menu choices: tom yum soup with chicken, pad thai, and a beef stir fry with mint, chile, and garlic. The beef was as Counter-Intelligence described, overcooked, but the sauce was excellent, nicely spiced and the mint evened it out just right. The tom yum and pad thai were okay. The atmosphere was a little drowsy until a large family came in and sat down and opened up steaming hot bags of... Burger King. The parents, at least, ordered Thai. In our opinion, Indra is a good neighborhood spot, but not really a destination place.

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  1. We live right down the street and passed it up for 2 years before our friend visiting from Minnesota asked if we'd been there and said it was terrific. We've been going for 8 years now and love it.. we actually crave it. The Indian Noodle soup is the perfect meal in itself. It has a yummy creamy base and noodles topped with egg yolk, some peanuts and cilantro. It's divine. They usually have fish cakes steamed in banana leaves with a coconut sauce on top on Saturdays only. The woman who owns it recently bought the Japanese restaurant Aoba in Glendale and as of lately there haven't been any fish cakes. The Papaya salad is great if you have a cold.. really fresh and spicy. The seafood curry is delightful with a varied assortment of seafood in a clay serving dish. My friend lives in Culver City and drives over for the chicken curry & bamboo shoots. I'd say give it another try.. ;+0 Nancy

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      At Indra, it's really all about the steam table - whatever seems to be on display that looks good is probably the best bet. For some reason, food ordered off the menu, or more to the point, food ordered off the menu by a blatantly non-Thai customer, is rarely as sharp or as good.

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        my experience here was HORRIBLE. my bf got a fried rice dish that was the blandest fried rice dish ever. I had the shrimp tom yum which was a big bowl of hot (temperature wise) lemonade with a few shrimp in it. the broth was CLEAR. it had a few mushrooms, a sprig of cilantro, and shrimp. the end. what a rip off!

    2. I do not just like Thai Food, I LOVE IT! I consider myself somewhat of a Thai Food aficionado (Webster defines aficionado as "a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a usually fervently pursued interest or activity.") So here is my take on Thai Restaurants: Each restaurant has its own jewel, a treasure of a recipe.

      For Indra of Glendale, their jewel is their beef panang, simmering over a steam heater all day creates a melt-in-your-mouth-delectably-spicy-and-unique concoction of beef, panang curry sauce, and chili. It is unlike any other beef panang you've ever tasted. A word of caution to the faint of heart, do not try if you are not used to spicy food. It is SO deadly, you only need a little over a heap of white rice (not fried rice please!) to tickle your taste buds and stimulate your nerves and end up in the pleasure center of your brain! I actually come from Ventura County to Glendale just to have a taste. And so as not to waste gas, I order another serving to bring home and keep in the freezer! Top it off with fried banana made fresh for dessert, heavenly! My mouth is watering already...

      I have visited most Thai Restaurants in SFV, some good, some bad but those that offer something different is usually the best bet. Will post more recommendations.

      1. Try again! Been going there over 30 years. Best dishes: Spicy seafood soup; Drunken noodles; Thai beef curry with eggplant & coconut cream; Indra salad; and of course, Rad Naa and pad thai. Seasonal item not on menu: something that sounds like 'pat boone' They'll know what you mean. "-) Dessert: Mango & sticky rice, fried bananas, or tiny "Thai tacos". Cure for the common cold: Chicken coconut soup. SOOOOO good! AND my gluten-intolerant husband is safe there!