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Feb 3, 2010 07:53 AM

Lambertville Station lunch

We decided to have lunch right at Lambertville Station as it was convenient.

I had the turkey panini with brie and raspberry mayo. I asked that no oil or butter be added to the bread when pressing. It came out perfect. The turkey was real turkey breast. I liked that they had a side of the raspberry mayo if I wanted to add some extra.

Friend had the turkey sandwich with avocado, swiss, russian on whole grain bread. She said it was very good.

Sister had the burger and also had no complaints.

Our sandwiches came with housemade potato chips. They were dark and crispy and very tasty.

Husband had the fish and chips. He said the breading was a bit too thick and it was greasy. I tend to find beer batter fish to be on the greasy side. It is fried after all.

All in all, it was better than expected and I'd go back for lunch again.

Our server was very good and helpful too.


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  1. Those chips are indeed very tasty! Yum! Will ahve to go check it out when they open their new wine bar downstairs! I think that is coming sometime towards the end of the month, with something like 40-60 wines by the glass. More to come here! -mJ

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      Yes, I read somewhere that it will open sometime in February.