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Feb 3, 2010 07:52 AM


The Bad - No wine glasses. The wine list was really nice but they offered me a regular water glass. Not great if you are a wino like me. Next time I will bring my own stems. Also, the chairs sucked. They were cheap and uncomfortable.

The good - We ate in the back room which was very intimate with only a couple tables. The food. I have been a follower of Doug Flickers for many years. I enjoyed everything I ate. The bread was very good which is usually a good sign of things to come. The service was also good. Our waiter was a verteran of other Doug Flicker restaurants and was very knowledgable. We had a slight disagreement about the utility of wine glasses butthat was it.

I started with escargot with artichokes, soft polenta and hen-of-the-woods mushrooms. This dish was excelant and very flavorful. I then had the Black cod with smoked celery pancetta and hazelnuts. It was very good but I have had better (amazing) examples recently at Alma and Seachange. We ordered all 4 desserts but what stood out for me was the bitter almond cake with vanilla ice cream and brown butter honey.

I will go back. Doug has some great ceative energy. He isn't Stewart Woodman but he does a really nice job. If his investors could kick in a few dollars for stems and better chairs it would be good.

See photos -

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  1. Heading to Piccolo tonight.....anyone know if they allow corkage, or if they are using wine glasses yet? Above, Latinpig mentions they were using water glasses.

    If anyone has been recently, I would love to hear your recommendations on the menu. The lamb loin sounds incredible.

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      Here's another posting on Piccolo with additional reviews. I enjoyed my meal there, I hope you do too. Report back on what you have.

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        They had stemware when I was there.

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          Glad to hear they fixed that issue.