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Feb 3, 2010 07:43 AM

Baldwinsville, NY

Wife & I are retiring in a few months and thinking about moving to Baldwinsville, NY (near Syracuse to be near twin baby granddaughters. Anyone have a comment about social life, restaurants etc. in the area?

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  1. Welcome! (Rolling out the red carpet)

    This thread: has some good discussion about the good food to be found. Ignore the negative comments, there is really lots of good food to be had out here.

    In addition to those mentioned, right in B'ville is the B'ville Diner, Lock 24, and Pizza Man...all worthy of a visit. Decent BBQ can be found at Wacky Wyatt's just up the street.

    The nice thing about this are is that it is big enough to have good dining and some decent entertainment options (we can't discuss here) but small enough to not have to plan hours ahead to get there (Think Boston, Providence, NYC, etc.)

    1. Add to the list of B'ville dining: A new family-owned Mex restaurant just opened (as in the last couple of days) across from Pizza Man. Haven't tried it yet, but the on-line menu sounds promising and hope to give it a try this week.