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Feb 3, 2010 07:40 AM

Mother's New Hope

Had lunch at Mother's in New Hope on Saturday. We've never eaten there before and decided to give it a try. It will be our last time.

There were four of us for lunch. The guys ordered the lobster bisque soup. I am not a fan of lobster bisque, but I guess it tasted okay. Problem was that it was lukewarm at best. Saturday was freezing so having lukewarm soup really didn't cut it. I had the french onion. The soup was a watery tasteless broth with about 6 undercooked onion pieces on it, topped with soggy bread and gloppy cheese. At least mine was hotter than the bisque.

For lunch I had a half a turkey sandwich, actually soup and a half. The turkey was real turkey breast meat and tasted fine. Came on marble rye that was toasted. Top piece of bread was hard as a rock, bottom piece soggy. Husband had the roasted pork, same problem with the bread. He said the pork tasted good.

Brother-in-law had the meatloaf, came on toasted bread with carmelized onions and melted cheese. I tasted it and it was quite good.

My sister decided to have the baked brie with raspberry sauce. Brie came out in a little tray and was all chopped up. It was topped with a gloppy, super sweet sauce that overpowered the brie in taste and quantity. It was pretty gross.

So parts of the meal were fair, the rest, not so good.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear this. Twenty five years ago, it was one of my hangouts and always had great fare. I loved their grilled smoked duck sandwich on baguette with caramelized onions, sprouts and aioli. It sounds like chef needs to be more on top of his/her product before it leaves the kitchen.

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      My parents used to like Mother's Chefpaulo. My mom enjoyed the food but commented that the restroom situation always lead to awkwardness. My dad got a very rich chocolate cake from Mother's once for a family meal back in their prime. I had been dieting in a foolish way and just one tiny slice of that cake wreaked havoc with my digestive system. Totally worth it. :)

    2. The only times I've been to Mother's have been in the summer. I can't remember having any of the issues you've outlined. We've always eaten on the deck. The service can be slow, but who cares when the sun's shining, you're enjoying the view of the river, having a nice glass of wine and good conversation. We generally have a salad or app and a burger or small plates. Maybe we've just been fortunate not to have gone there in the winter?

      1. I've never understood how Mother's stays in business, but I know people who absolutely love it. We've given it several tries and each time the food has been pedestrian and poorly prepared. Service has varied from inattentive to mediocre. They are lucky to have a good location and a loyal following!

        1. A group of us were walking around NH back in the early fall. We stopped into Mother's to relax with a glass of wine. After watching the servers and the food, we opted to choose another restaurant for dinner. Sadly disappointing since we enjoyed Mother's very much in years past.