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Feb 3, 2010 07:14 AM

Prune or Allegretti

I know that they are very different, but can someone who has been to both explain the differences to me pl. I need to make a choice bet. them for a dinner on Sat. night. I have reservations at both.

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  1. We have not been to Prune for one reason. The seating is sardine tight, and even if the food is as good as many people think it is, that kind of discomfort totally turns me off!

    We are huge fans of Allegretti. Chef Alain Allegretti's Provençal-style French cuisine is superb, service is first-rate, the decor is lovely, and tables are comfortably spaced. Obviously, I highly recommend it.

    Photos of a couple of our meals at Allegretti can be seen here:

    and here:

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      I second the recommendation for Allegretti. It's a really pretty room, a comfortable atmosphere, and I've enjoyed all my meals there. The food is quite good.

      At Prune I've always felt crowded and rushed.

      1. re: gutsofsteel

        Thank you both. We are going to Allegretti. Will go to Prune on another night.

        1. re: JC2

          Enjoy Allegretti! I loved it too, though they've changed the menu since. I hope it's still as good, I heard a mixed review from a friend.

    2. you must try the new beet and persimmmon salad, the nicoise ravioli, and the new cod dish. so very jealous!!!

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        The Niçois Ravioli has been on the menu since early '09 and has become something of a signature. Seriously delicious!

        Photo here: