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Corner Suite Bistro is finally opening!

I got an email this morning that says:

Thanks so much for waiting with us. Thanks for your support, your patience and continued interest.

We are proud and excited to say we will open for dinner on February 3rd through the 7th at 5pm. As of Monday, February 8th we will offer service from Noon until 2am. Reservations can be made at thecornersuite.com.

We look forward to meeting you all soon!

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  1. I expect an early report from you, ck ;-)

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      I hope they get a boost from opening prior to the Owelympics. Maybe a Chowdown there in March??

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        I would love to say I will do that for you, but I haven't been inside a restaurant for a month now and won't be while I'm dieting. :-( We've been to one salad bar and I brought my own dressing, so it's not really like going out! I did almost convince myself to cheat on Superbowl this weekend and order from Bo Laska King's. But, I've talked myself out of it though I spent a lot of time looking at the menu! This is worse than quitting smoking was!

        Someone else will have to do the first report! Can't wait to hear!

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          Popped down on Monday for their first "official" lunch opening. Pretty surprised that there is no specific lunch menu. Probably a little too pricey for it to become a popular lunch spot, but what do I know? There is a brunch menu on the website, but it may just be for weekends. I would like some or all of those dishes to be available for weekday lunches.
          Had the skate and my friends had the steak and fries, and a croque madame. All were very good, although the hollandaise sauce with my skate was starting to cool and curdle. My dish was probably done first and then sat while the others finished. The skate was very good and done perfectly, but the portion was quite small. The steak and the sandwich were good sizes. I asked about whiskys available and my waitress only named 2. When I looked later there were at least 5 or 6 behind the bar. She was very good and excited about the food, but she needs a bit more time with the bar items.

          All in all, it was good, but it didn't blow me away. Also I have to mention that the chairs are a horrible shade of blue (turquoise?). The decor overall is fine, but the chairs are way too much.

        2. Oooh man. I'm so stoked!! Now i'm contemplating whether to go before or after the olympics...

          1. I haven't ever post a report but I think I may be one of the first CH-er's to have dinner at Corner Suite, so here goes:

            Overall, my friend J and i had a good time that devolved into a not-great time at Corner Suite. Since we both live in the neighbourhood, we had been looking forward to this opening for a while, but my expectations were not overly inflated; there were a couple of warning signs - like the prominence of the owners' photos on their website - that kept me from placing my precious hopes too high.

            The first thing that you will notice is the sheer girth of the cocktail list. It's a tome that perhaps could have been a little easier to navigate from a design perspective, but they did send out an amuse of gougere so i was pretty happy. After 10 minutes of flipping through, we settled on a couple of cocktails. Both were good, perhaps a touch sweeter than either of us like but a good start.

            Food started with apps of seafood chowder and arugula & sunchoke salad, also good. All the food items on the menu looked tasty and approachable. When i first saw their menu online last year, it was a lot larger and more complicated-looking. I saw this trim menu as a good thing - that they didn't want to overwhelm the kitchen with too much stuff.

            J had the skate wing which came with good, pillowy gnocchi, almond green beans and lemony hollandaise; i had the duck confit on kale, lentils and cherries. Both mains were fine, but there were little problems. J felt his sauce was a little out of balance (again, too sweet); i thought it was fine but unspectacular. However, my confit was dry. Not bone dry, but dry for something that you know has been cooked in its own fat - probably left under the salamander a minute too long. This is when my scaled-back expectations started to do the i-told-you-so dance.

            Now my next comment i have to foreground by saying food is my favourite splurge. my mother would probably disown me if she found out how much of my income i spend on food and going out. and i appreciate the cost of doing business - i usually side with the restaurant when people complain about "value" just because something costs more than $6 and isn't as big as their face. My definition of value definitely skews on the side of what i perceive to be quality - but the dessert course totally brought out the ranting cheapskate inside me - and it was the real let-down moment of the night...

            All evening long, these enticingly opaque paper bags of what i knew were beignets kept coming out of the kitchen and landing on people's tables. As soon as my plate was cleared, i was ready to get my hands on some - i love doughnuts! i love desserts you can take with you! And, funnily enough, i had *just* finished telling J how please i was with the modest portion sizing of our mains - i love having room for dessert! - when my brown paper bag landed on the table. I was excited... Then so disappointed. There were 6 TINY doughnut holes at the bottom of a kid's lunch-sized paper bag. Six - as J observed, not even enough to fill a layer of this 5" bag, so they kept rattling the sides - so sad. I paid $5 for 6 balls of fried cake that were smaller than a loonie. They were also a little dry. Now, i might be wrong but i think that when a restaurant takes on nostalgia food - be it cupcakes, doughnuts or PB&J - they have to step it up. i expected a really mini-doughnut - but these weren't even as good as the ones i now crave from the Richmond Night Market - and those are made by machines! Seriously!

            At this point, even little things that we would normally both let slide started to annoy us - J was brought the wrong dessert at first which meant me sharing my pathetically tiny bounty; his 'bread pudding' was really just a cake and its toffee sauce had an unappealing malty syrup flavour; J then discovered he was charged for both what he did and didn't order. Normally, neither of us is a complainer, but an accumulation of small, totally avoidable things lead me to post this rant (i believe his is going on Yelp), which goes to show how a little care - especially with the things that come at the end - can really put a smile on otherwise neutral faces.

            Anyhow, i will give the Corner Suite another go after they've had a chance to settle in, but, overall, meh!

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              Nice first report, NMS. We've all been waiting for so long to hear a first-hand 'Hound report on CSB so thanks. I wouldn't call it a rant at all -- you gave credit where it was due and docked points where they lost 'em. Seems pretty fair to me. You also have a bit of a way with words that I appreciate, and a sense of humour to boot. Here's to more reports from you, and soon!

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                I dropped in for a burger and a beer for lunch this past week. Burger was solid, pretty messy, but tasty. Not ReFuel tasty, but still very good.

                Going back on Valentines, I believe. Will report back. Won't be ordering the Duck. Thanks for the report.

              2. kudos for a first- rate ' opener ' review. hope the owners read it. appreciate that you were so fair and willing to give the establishment another try.

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                  Yes, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! If I get underwhelmed with a first visit/experience I am highly unlikely to go back, like our recent visit to Cafe Barcelona. I think it's great you are willing to give it another try...

                  I would hope the food there will be GREAT given the profile of this restaurant - though I do think it sets the expectations high, but was glad to hear you didn't set yours up there! (I try not to but often do and experience a lot of disappointment).

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                    Thanks to everyone for the encouragement - i don't know why i've been so shy all this time; it's funny cause i'm really loud in person. i try to be more reporty in future.

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                      Keep 'em coming NMS. Great report on Corner Suite. It took so long to open that the prolonged hype really does set some pretty high expectations. (I'm thinking now about Hawksworth and how that will fare given the long lead time before it opens).

                  1. Since my son got a great income tax return he offered to take me to lunch today and being that we were going downtown to check out the Olympic stuff I made reservations at Corner Suite. When we arrived at noon, it was basically empty! Only two other tables occupied the premises.

                    I actually loved the decor & the blue chairs. My son said he hated the chairs and that he thought the colour was "weird"...He did have to admit they were comfy though and they were.

                    The menu has already changed and the 24/7 is no longer 3 courses and you cannot choose either. It says to ask your server for the 24/7 of the day. I did and it was beef carpaccio for the appy & lamb chops for the entree. I went with that. My son stayed with the brunch menu and ordered eggs benny. I should have took pictures because the plating was beautiful but it was so quiet in there I didn't feel comfortable doing it as it would have been noticed by everyone!

                    I started with a mimosa ($6), very nice with fresh squeezed orange juice. My son had an americano ($3.50). The carpaccio came out and it was fabulous! So good. It was garnished with a fennel salad & some delicious blue cheese crumbles. I pretty much inhaled it.

                    It was a little long waiting for the entrees and we both ended up ordering another round of drinks while waiting. The benny was served on brioche with a herbed hollandaise sauce and fried fingerling potatoes with onions. There was also a small micro-green salad on the plate. I tried a taste of the hollandaise and it was perfect. The eggs were also poached to perfection. My lamb was 2 chops though our server had told me it would be 3 chops. They were served over some spinach and fingerling potatoes. There was also some fried olives of different colours adorning the plate. The chops (these were from a rack, chops, not lamb chops per se) were cooked to a medium rare which is how I like them. The sauce on the spinach was so good I had to ask the server what was in it. She said it was fennel, orange and cinnamon. It was soooo tasty! The olives were also good though a couple of them were burnt and had a bad burnt taste. That being said, I did not leave a morsel on the plate, I cleaned it all off with that wishing I could lick the plate clean feeling!

                    Meal came to $60 pre-tip. I was very happy with my dining experience and would absolutely go again! PS. Eating this meal did not make me feel guilty for cheating on my diet. The portions are not for big eaters!

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                      Great report as usual ck. Sounds like a great meal. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

                      So the place was nearly empty...and it is right in the thick of the Olympics crowds? It will be a long two weeks for restaurateurs in this town.

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                        I also went to CSBD this past weekend and it was fabulous. We had dinner on Sat night and it was a full house. I love the decor, bar, and atmosphere-it seemed more original and just cooler than most other places in town. Surprisingly people were quite dressed up (it has been very casual in nicer restos since the olympics started) which made the place look even better.
                        I had the sunchoke and arugula salad and my friend had the tuna nicoise and both were refreshing and different. The sunchokes tasted pickled so it gave the salad a bit of tang that went really well with the parm regg shavings dusted on top. I am selective about the meats I choose to eat (too many books and movies like Food Inc. I guess so I can be quite a pain as a diner). The burger wasn't grass fed, and all the mains seemed to have a type of pork on them including the arctic char which is what I really wanted to eat and there was no way of preparing without because part of it was pre-prepped. Anyhow, our server suggested the vegetarian option that wasn't on the menu: couscous with veggies, and some salad on top. I know I am not giving this meal justice in my bland description but it was really really good for something that also tasted really healthy. The drinks (and I sampled quite a few:) were also very good. Because the drink list is sooooo long and I didn't bring my glasses I just told the server what I liked and they chose for me: mojito, followed by a ginger beer and gin concoction, glass of red wine (again can't remember but was the $13 red), double vodka soda with lime (that original was all me:) 2 ice wines (sorry can't remember but it was the $9 one and it was perfect). The bartender/part owner was running around the whole time suggesting and bringing drinks for diners as well as helping out with bussing tables. My friend and I were quite impressed with this as it really showed teamwork and gave the place a sense of down to earthness-bad sentence I know. My total portion of the bill came to $95 not inc tip. I felt like it was good value for money spent given that I was too full for dessert and had 6 drinks. I am looking forward to going back after the olympics are over...

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                          saw him on today show yesterday doing a cooking segment, funny as they refered to him as host of "The Main", pretty sure he stopped taping that at least a year ago, and there was no mention at all of corner suite , odd as with a new resto you want to promote the hell out of it, especially when it was free advertising

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                            read a review by andrew morrison and if thr food hasn't quite been up to scratch, its maybe because as of the time of review sedlak had yet to actually cook a shift in the kitchen

                              1. re: fmed

                                the article also said that the floating rumour as to why he wasn't in the kitchen as of yet is that he was back in TO fuflling contractual obligations to food network, so i guesss i was wrong about the show tapings being over way back

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                                  hmm,so if there is no mention of him on their web-site, me thinks the wriiting is on the wall

                                  1. re: vandan

                                    The rumours are now verified. Sedlak is going to be doing TV and is writing a book. He can't dedicate any time to the CSB now. It sounds like an amicable split.

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                                      thats what i figured, hey how did you confirm this?

                                      1. re: vandan

                                        They sent out a press release this morning after the rumours started swirling yesterday.