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Feb 3, 2010 07:12 AM

Recs for Cafe Steinhof?

I'm heading to Cafe Steinhof tonight, as they're donating 30% of their proceeds tonight to Haiti relief funds. I went once before and had a very underwhelming meal of goulash and a schnitzel sandwich. I'm not expecting any culinary fireworks, but is there anything there that anyone is particularly fond of?

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  1. Your previous negative experience matches my two bad visits. If I were you I'd give some money directly to a relief agency and eat a good meal somewhere else.

    Korzo has very good German and Austrian food. The goulash is terrific as is the wurst platter and the pork fier (a special.)

    1. The food is pretty simple, but I've found it to be good at what it's trying to be. The bratwurst, for example, is really good bratwurst, and I actually like the schnitzel (on its own - I'd never put it in a sandwich). My wife loves the mushroom dumplings, and I'd also add a vote for the iceberg and watercress salad.

      That said, if it's not your thing, then I agree with Bob Martinez: grab a hot dog and send the 30 bucks you'll save to the American Red Cross.

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        Thanks - keep it simple it is, then. I live around the corner, and have some friends getting together there, so I'll be going. (Plus, at least I can wash it down with some decent beers.)

        1. re: adam

          I'd love to hear if even this strategy can produce an acceptable meal there. Please report back.

          1. re: Bob Martinez

            To follow up, we pretty much stuck with sausages (bratwurst and kielbasa) and had some smoked pork loin. Sausages were better than the pork, which was underseasoned; the sausages themselves were ok, but not crazy about the sauce they were with. A couple Schneider-Weisses helped. All in all, not terrible, but certainly not one of the better options around. (Everything was at least better than the goulash we had our last visit, which was neither tender nor flavorful.) We'll check out Korzo soon.

            1. re: adam

              Thanks for reporting back; I think you'll enjoy Korzo.