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Feb 3, 2010 07:08 AM

Caduceus wine in San Diego

Does anyone know if anyone carries wine from Caduceus vinyards in San Diego.

It's the vinyard started up in Arizona by Maynard lead singer of Tool and Puscifer.

I recently saw a trailer for the documentary "Blood into Wine" and am interested in trying some.

I saw Blanca has one of thier wines on thier wine list so maybe I'lll go there and order a bottle with dinner but a retail option would be nice.


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  1. This was a year or so ago, but they did a bottle signing at Whole Foods in La Jolla with Maynard and they had the wine in stock back then.

    1. im the wine buyer at whole foods la jolla, and yes we do carry maynards merkin chupacabra as a matter of fact, it is on sale through today 2 for $20 tomorrow it will be regular price $24.99 it is a decent red blend of california juice made at the winery in az initially we carried about 6 wines, but they have exhausted and now just down to the chupacabra

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        Hey thanks for the info. Gotta work today but I'll swing buy and grab a bottle or two this weekend.

        Thanks again.

      2. you might want to check out the Vaynerchuk tasting he did with Maynard