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Feb 3, 2010 06:51 AM

Nobu question

I've read through the boards and have seen a lot of comments about what to order there and whether it's worth the price. Can someone tell me more about the atmosphere? Is it the type of place where you can have a nice, long, romantic dinner? My hubbie and I are having a rare date night in March. He has been dying to try it, but we want to ensure the atmosphere also fits the bill. Thanks so much!

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  1. havent been in a few years - but i suggest ordering the omakase (chef's choice) and you can tell them how much you want to spend. they will ask if it is your 1st time, say yes. the 1st timer omakase is often quite good.

    it is very stylish and modern - i find that romantic - but if your idea of romantic is old school candles and white tableclothes go elsewhere

    1. Nobu is a little long in the tooth. The decor is rather dated, still pleasantly appointed, but not my first thought as a romantic restaurant.

      The food I had was terrible. Rock shrimp tempura was oversalted. My fish and chips entree came with cold and mealy fries that were beautifully cut into perfect squares. Chilean sea bass was overly unctuous and unmemorable. One of the worst ratios of price to quality I have every had.

      I wish I had tried Nobu in its heyday and not two years ago.

      105 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013

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        I have to 2nd Pookipichu on this one... it's really one of the worst PQRs out there.

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          My BF just went again a month ago and reported the same thing. Just not worth it – for rather tired food. Which is really too bad because we loved it when we first went years ago. I don't know if it changed, or everything else did!

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            Thank you all for your honest advice!!!! I think you all made my husband realize that our date should NOT be at Nobu. The recent thread on best greek restaurant may have given us a new idea-- Avra!