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Feb 3, 2010 06:43 AM

Robouchon or Savoy

Hi all,

I am going to be in Vegas at the end of March and I am still trying to decide whether I should visit Robuchon or Savoy. Cost is an issue and I will probably stick with the Prix Fixe at Robuchon or the Pre Theatre at Savoy. I realize I could save money by going to L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon or eat at the bar at Savoy but I decided I really wanted to have the Michelin experience of the big restaurants. I also considered Alex, Mix, and Gagnaire but Robuchon and Savoy have always been two of the chefs that I've most followed. Given these two choices, which one offers the more solid experience?


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  1. I haven't been to Guy Savoy but I have been to Joel Robouchon's The Mansion.

    It was spectacular. I'd go there again in a heart beat.
    Mr CF and I were at L'Atelier last Friday and we enjoyed it very much but it's not the Michelin experience. Every bit as delicious but much more casual and relaxed.

    1. Been to both and really you can't go wrong. roll the dice and pick one it is Vegas after all :)

      I would do the Bar at Savoy and eat at Robouchon. That way you get to experience both and still get the Michelin experience. Do the bar first and if your floored go with Savoy...yeh I know I'm all over the place. At least though report back I would be interested in what you did and what you thought.

      1. I would actually love to suggest for you Bouchon (Thomas Keller's Bistro) at The Venetian. I ate there last week, and it was to DIE for. Simply amazing. And VERY affordable. Two thumbs up...simple, elegantly prepared food.

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        1. re: mindylh13

          Bouchon is excellent - we were there Saturday night - it's all the things you say, simple and elegantly prepared food and a bit more affordable than the other two...

          but it's not Robuchon or Savoy.

          Just my 2 cents

          1. re: Cookiefiend

            Yeh I love Bouchon and Daniel but mainly because they are extremely great ingredients simply prepaired. That being said I would say to really experience Thomas Keller or Daniel Boulud you really need to go to Per Se, Daniel or The french Luandry. I would stick with either Robochon or Guy Savoy...and hey if you hit it on the slots go for everything.

        2. My plan is to actually visit Bouchon and Stripsteak. But I also wanted to visit either Robouchon or Savoy. Such a difficult decision...

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          1. re: nextguy


            Between Bouchon and Stripsteak - I'd chose Bouchon. I've been to other Mina restaurants and haven't been wowed. I've been to Bouchon several times (breakfast and dinner) and it's very good.

            I'd like to go to Charlie Palmer's steak place in LV though... I've been to the Charlie Palmer's in Newport Beach, but that's a different animal all together.

            1. re: Cookiefiend

              Just a question by CP in Newport do you mean Charlie Palmer at BloomingDales at South Coast? If so I think the lounge has great food and drinks but think Marche Moderne is a better choice. I only ask in case I missed a restaurant I did not know about. and your right Charley Palmers at the Four Seasons in Vegas gets great reviews.

              I just read my post and if I am coming off like an ass me I so do not mean too.

              1. re: chris2269

                Yes, it was the Charlie Palmer at South Coast - we loved it and I had hoped that the Charlie Palmer at the Four Seasons was the same sort of place, meaning not a steak place.

                We really enjoyed CP at South Coast and I'm certain I'd like CP in Vegas too - I just didn't feel like a steak while there. Besides that, I can get a great steak here in IN.

                Marche Moderne was on our list of places to try but at that time we couldn't get a reservation - next time!
                ps - you're not coming off like an ass - no worries!

                1. re: Cookiefiend

                  Heh, I'm back in OC and will be trying Marche Moderne tomorrow! Ain't that funny?

                  When I'm back home in Vegas, I do like me some Aureole at Mandalay Bay. IMHO Aureole is Charlie Palmer's best Vegas venue and probably his best West Coast venue. (CP at SCP is good, but Aureole really takes it to the next level IMHO.)

              2. re: Cookiefiend

                I mean I am going to both Bouchon AND Stripsteak + either Robuchon or Savoy. In fact I wanted to go to Craftsteak instead of Stripsteak but I got a gift certificate for Stripsteak.

                1. re: nextguy

                  oop - my bad!
                  I misunderstood!
                  If I had a gift certificate to Stripsteak - I would definitely, without fail, go there. I'd probably yell 'Booya' on the way... I never get gift certificates like that!

                  1. re: Cookiefiend

           sells them. Plus there is a coupon code that drops the price of the $50 gift card to $4!!!

              3. A non-food related reason to pick Robuchon is that they include a limo to/from dinner.
                That made our evening there a little bit more fun. After dinner, you've got the choice to take the limo back immediately or they'll give you a voucher for use later that evening (or morning as the case may be).