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Feb 3, 2010 06:34 AM

Breakfast in Markham / Richmond Hill / Thornhill

I love living in Toronto North. It's convenient, clean, and lots of yummy food.

But there is a serious lack of good breakfast places.

I am going on a road trip this Sunday morning, but I have searched and researched, and was not able to find a decent breakfast joint, that offers traditional peameal bacon and eggs with hashbrown/potato, and serves a good cup of coffee, that opens before 7am.

Our plan is to have a power breakfast then get on the road up north, so anywhere north of Hwy 7, from Leslie to Hwy 400 is acceptable.

Any suggestions?

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  1. In that area, Cora's might work, but i think it's rather generic.

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    1. re: gourmaniac

      Hey UptownGal,
      Head to Steves at 8100 Yonge St one or two lights north of Center st.
      Coffee is not amazing but decent enough, breakfasts are really good with all the standards, eggs any way you want , different patatoe options plus extras like Challah French Toast. Good value too. You really cant go wrong.


      1. re: Porto

        I haven't been to Steves North yet, but if it's anything like the one at Wilson and Bathurst, then I agree that it's a good choice for the traditional breakfast.

        I've never been, but some people I know also like Wimpy's for their greasy spoon fix:

        1. re: pescatarian

          IMO (Please don't take it personally !) Steves on Wilson is the greasy spoon type. Why not go to United Dairy, St. Lawrence Plaza? That's where real good food is.

    2. Thanks Everyone!

      I'd really like to give Steve's a try, I've heard good things about it. I will for sure suggest that to my group, and hopefully that's where we'll go on Sunday!

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      1. re: UptownGal

        I've lived in Thornhill/North York most of my life and my fave places for breakki are Midway, at Yonge and Steeles (Northeast corner) or Kivas at Bathurst and Steeles (corner of Steeles and Carpenter). Midway has been a fave of residents around here for over 25 years. They are a typical greasy spoon with full breakfasts made to order. They are also open 24 hrs so breakfast is when you want it. Kiva's is a Bagel House type greasy spoon with the best coffee I've ever tasted. Better than Tim Hortons even. They only do dairy but have an extensive breakfast and lunch menu.

        1. re: zeva

          Must try it sometime, so it's near the Esso station?

        1. Golden Flame. Yonge St, west side, just south of 16 (rutherford)

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          1. re: jdgo75

            never considered trying this place. how is the food?

            1. re: shekamoo

              I think it used to be better before Restaurant Makeover. I prefer Kotsy's on Hwy 7 near Keele. They have great home fries.

          2. 3 Coins in Richmond Hill (Yonge just north of Major Mac) offers a pretty good breakfast except that I find their coffee a bit weak. Not sure if they're open before 7 am, though. (Guy keeps weird hours - 7am to 3pm, IIRC. Never heard of a restaurant only open for 8 hours, but maybe he's made all the money he needs.) Free parking out back.

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            1. re: FrankD

              Steves, back at their original location on bathurst, SOUTH of wilson, way back in the mid 80s, was always only open from 7:00 to mid afternoon.

              1. re: FrankD

                +1 for 3 coins, great greasy spoon. For chain place there is also a sunset grill up at 404 and elgin mills, but don't know if that is too far north for you.