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Friday Night Fish Fry's

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  • jrdoa Feb 3, 2010 05:01 AM
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I know this is discussed every year around this time, but I'm still looking for my Friday Night Fish Fry to my liking. Years ago, my family and I used to go to the Pink Pony in Addison every other week or so. It was a family favorite. You know, the kind that was beer battered cod. I'm looking for something similar.

Any suggestions is GREATLY appreciated.

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  1. Chief O'Neill's and Duke of Perth each have delicious fish fry's. Enjoy!

    1. Check these previous topics for some ideas:

      You initiated that last discussion. Did you get a chance to try the suggestions there? How did they work out?

      1. St Ferdinand Fish Fry! Now through March 26th 2010. I've attached a flier of this weeks Fish Fry!

        1. Try this one: http://www.fernandezfoods.com/lahacie...
          The real thing Pick Pony Fish