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Feb 3, 2010 03:17 AM

Harrigan's Family Restaurant - Montville NJ

We were visiting relatives in Montville this weekend. We had no clue where to grab a quick bite for lunch. We saw a sign on the hwy for Harrigan's Family Restaurant and decided to give it a try. I have to say I was really suprised that it was a pretty good place for lunch. Hwy signs have often lead me to pretty bad food. The prices were great, and the portions were huge. We ordered the branzino francaise off of the special menu. 2 good size pieces of fish, sauce was smooth and lemony only 8.95! I had the eggplant, chicken parm sandwich which was average, and my daughter had the kids dog. The dog was grilled, had a good snap to it. I was really suprised the dog was as good as it was. If I were to guess I'd say it was a blackbear or Thumans pork/ beef in natural casing. I wish I had ordered it! We live in Rockland Co. We really could use a place like this by us.

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  1. I live about 10 minutes from here. Always wondered about's scary looking from the outside, in a haunted house kinda way. Glad to know the food is actually pretty decent....maybe I'll grab the Ghost Hunters team and grab a bite one day! :)

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      Oh, don't let the outside fool you. I'm with Michele Cindy - it's terrific. This was one of my favorite places when I lived in Morris County.

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        Go - I wish I had a place like this near me. Start with lunch which was really reasonable.

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          If you like Harrigan's, you may want to try their other Italian restaurant nearby on Main Street, Route 202, Montville also conveniently off Interstate 287/N/S

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            Yes, ma'am! LOL
            Too bad they don't have a website - was it pretty casual?

            1. re: neonknight

              Very casual, bar on the right, a few tables on the left as you walk in. Lots of regulars at the bar. I went at an off time for lunch, 3:00.