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Feb 3, 2010 01:45 AM

Good breakfast near Lafayette and Broome?

Getting my hair cut near here on Friday morning at 11am. Any ideas on where my husband and I can go for breakie? It would have to be open by 9am. We're open to anything. Greasy spoon to fancy shamancy.

Also: planning to have lunch at Lombardi's. Good idea? Any other suggestions?

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  1. Cafe Falai on Lafayette near Prince or Balthazar on Spring.

    1. Noho Star on Lafayette for breakfast.

      1. Aside from Falai there is Balzathar (a bit fancy) and Ceci-Cela for a good croissant and coffee (small sit down space in back). Spring St. Natural does breakfast as well, but I have no idea how it is.

        If you don't mind a brisk 15 minute walk from Soho, you'll get better pizza at Motorino on E. 12th street.

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          Thanks for the ideas, all. I think we'll go with Falai. The plethora of baked eggs and pastries sounds pretty awesome. I'm going to look into Motorino too.