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Feb 3, 2010 12:37 AM

Late night, near airport?

This may not be possible, but we are hoping to get something edible to take out somewhere near the N.O. airport on a weeknight, late. Generally we stop at a gas station/convenience store that's right next to the airport & makes an excellent shrimp po'boy, but our flight this time is really late & I don't suppose they'll be open. I'd like to get some real food down my husband before the drive up I-55 to our friend's house near Hammond. (And to be honest, since I'll be cooking for both of them for the next week, I'd love to avoid it on arrival that first night!)

I'm packing snacks, of course, but any chance of something near the airport or on the way?

Thanks so much (& any 'hounds who are coming to Barkus, look for a small apricot poodle with three escorts in the Lucky Dog section & do say hello).

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  1. We'll be in the viewing stands, I'll keep an eye out for you.

    There's a pizza place at Vets and Williams that I would imagine may be open late, but I could be wrong.

    1. Not sure how late they are open, but Harbor Seafood and Oyster Bar is out that way. Haven't been in a long time but the reviews still look good:

      1. check w/Fiesta Latina and Zea
        Zea's link is for a different location, but they should be able to get you info on the place near the airport. maybe you could order ahead and pick up.

        Zea Rotisserie and Grill
        1655 Hickory Ave, New Orleans, LA 70123

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          How late is late? Voodoo BBQ has a location just west of the airport (attached to Ramada) and we grabbed it on our way out to plantations and it was great. I wrote a review on it if you want to search it.

        2. Thank you all -- as it turned out, the po'boy place (it's behind the Conoco station on Veterans Highway, right after you come out of the airport) was, to our immense happiness, open. But now I have a bunch of stuff to try next time, mmm.

          We are now home from N.O. (just in time for a snowstorm). Don't know if I ever left my heart in San Francisco but I most certainly left my liver in New Orleans. Worth it though -- what a time to be there (we sat around in the VIP tent drinking post-Barkus & then drove back with our friend/host from the Northshore in time for the game -- even way out in the country where we were, there were happy people yelling out of cars, firecrackers, etc. -- so of course everyone drank MORE & we didn't dare go into the city Monday due to traffic & the potential for cirrhosis).

          For anyone who did go to watch Barkus, apologies on behalf of all who walked it -- no marshals this year for some reason & the parade got split into about three segments, I think. But somehow I suspect that subsequent events blocked all memory of this!

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          1. re: mshenna

            yep, living large with large livers!

            1. re: edible complex

              My liver is still very happy, though large!

            2. re: mshenna

              I was in that tent as well for a while and on the balcony for the VIP's. The parade was a little different than in years past. They had to move some things around which affected it.

              1. re: roro1831

                The only way I can remember people at Barkus is by their dogs, I'm afraid -- we had the little apricot poodle (two men, one woman) & black throws (my husband got mobbed for them). I have to say, I did like this year's VIP "tent" -- real loo instead of the limited-access Spot-A-Pot -- yay, running water! The balcony en route always looks like fun but we've never done it, although we did have passes a couple of times -- poor old poodle's getting on, so maybe next year we won't walk it. I think this was our eighth Barkus & every one has been a blast. Sorry if this has been more Hound than Chow ... eh, those two obsessions go well together, right?

              2. re: mshenna

                Please note the above should be Airline Highway -- think I was still hung over when I typed that.