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Feb 2, 2010 10:58 PM

watering hole

Where is your favorite watering hole?

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  1. It's about a seven minute walk from my house in Tokyo. Sasagin specializes in craft-brewed sakes from small producers in Japan, and has about 80 varieties on the menu. I have been going there for about 15 years, and the owner knows my taste. I just sit down and ask for sake, and he will bring me something new that just came in. I go about once a week. After a few sakes, I will have a glass of Sapporo Edel PIls beer, an extremely bitter lager available only on draft. The cold, bitter, highly carbonated beer does a good cleansing wash on my palate. The food there is mostly small-dish Kyoto-style seasonal specialties.

    1. i have more than one, in Amsterdam. many in Germany, and some in Belgium.

      sounds nice Tripeler.

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        I have many, all in New Orleans. Cooter Brown's, Carrollton Station, The Kingpin, The Roosevelt, Monaghan's 13, Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, Ms. Mae's (the original, sadly RIP), Bud Ripp's, Fat Harry's, Columns Hotel, The Mayfair, Milan Lounge, the Club, Snake and Jakes, Finn McCool's, Buffa's, The Carousel Bar, Cure, the list could go on.

        I don't have one in Jersey, surprisingly my drinking has been less since moving away from New Orleans.

      2. Mine is here at home in Richmond, VA. It's at our local Flemings and as the saying goes, it's nice to go where everyone knows your name, what you drink, etc. Our other favorite is another local restaurant, Azzurro, and they take care of us as well.

        1. Anywhere in Cape May NJ or Key West FL.