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Feb 2, 2010 08:18 PM

Gluten-Free Dallas

Coming to town and staying close to the Dallas Convention Center. Any recommendations, all meals! Thanks!

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  1. My dad is celiac, so when he visits, this is a topic always close to me. Fortunately, over the years, *most* mid-range+ restaurants have become knowledgeable and quite accommodating to gluten-free needs, particularly if you call in advance -- even some of the higher end chains.

    That said, a couple of specific restaurants that cater to gluten-free needs are:

    Spiral Diner - (vegan and vegetarian
    )Kozy Kitchen -

    More generically, since most Asian restaurants utilize rice as the primary starch and Mexican restaurants use corn/masa as the primary starch - I would imagine you'll have no issues finding good food to meet your needs in the downtown area.

    Also, there are a number of high end restaurants located in the area that would certainly have no problem with your dietary requirements - particularly with an advance call.

    1. Bliss Raw Bar, on Greenville near Park Lane, is gluten free as well as vegan and raw. It's not that close to you, but I (an avid eater of meat and cooked food) was surprised at how delicious the Rawsagne tasted! It's also a bit pricey, but interesting worth checking out. There are a few reviews available online.

      1. There's also P.F. Chang's. Believe it or not, they have a gluten free menu.

        1. I have celiac and there are plenty of great places you can eat in Dallas that have gluten free. I had a great experience at Fearings. I told them ahead of time and they even made me homemade chips and salsa instead of the bread basket. I felt so special. I love Fireside Pies. They have a great gluten free crust and can do any of their pizzas gluten free. I second Kozy Kitchen. Awesome gluten free desserts!

          This website is also a great resource.

          Hope this helps! Enjoy the great gluten free food that Dallas has to offer.

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            Great to know about Fireside Pies!

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              I thought you said 'celeriac', and thought how delicious.

              I am far from a vegetarian, much less a lacto-vegetarian, but I love Kalachandji's. You will find all items containing containing wheat clearly listed. Also, for those lactose intolerant, they list dairy as well. Pretty cool experience.

              Last time I was there I believe only the supplied bread contained any gluten.


            2. Quite a bit north, but TruFire in Frisco has a gluten-free menu.