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Feb 2, 2010 07:49 PM

Fascinos, Portofino or Pieros?

Its my birthday, help me pick. Is Fascinos in a class by itself...has anyone been to Portofinos in Tino Falls -the place has been there forever. I want to feel relaxed and don't want a "stuffy" restaurant. Suggestions or comments please?

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  1. Portofinos makes, inho, amazing homemade pasta. The gnocci is delicious. It is very small and the tables are pretty close together. I wouldn't consider it stuffy, but it definitely has a different feel than Pieros. I would probably choose it over Piero's just because it's not the usual chicken parm, zuppa di pesce type of Italian food. I've never been to fascino's, though. Hope that helped!

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      Thanks Michelle...I am eaning towards Portofino...Fascinos is tempting but I am concerned about the weather for Saturday.