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Feb 2, 2010 06:57 PM

Best way to store citrus fruits and what to do with them when they start to go?

Tis the season for bags and boxes of gorgeous citrus, but I just can't seem to get it to keep. It dries out and wilts so quickly. What are the best ways you've found to store citrus and how long does it keep?

And, when you buy the big bag of clementines and can't eat them all, what's your favorite way to use citrus that's just beyond its eat-by date?

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  1. What is a "eat-by date"?

    You can keep citrus fruits, like your clementines, on the counter for at least a week. For longer storage, store them loose in your crisper or veggie bin in the fridge.

    1. tons of threads about how to use up a surplus of lemons or lines - you can use most of the ideas for other types citrus as well, to make everything from marmalade to dried slices or candied peel. or zest the fruit first, freeze the zest, and then juice the fruit and freeze the juice.

      1. Stored in the fridge they should last weeks, if not a couple of months. They don't dry out as much in their if you keep them wrapped in paper, esp. if they come wrapped.

        For using up two ideas:

        1) citrus salad--just oranges and grapefruit segments, with all membrane and pith removed. It's simple but surprisingly easy to eat three oranges and a grapefruit in one sitting this way. You can gussy it up with liquers, etc, but it's very good plain.

        2) juice. When I used to get overwhelmed with my gift box, I'd juice the oranges. Absolutely delicious. Again, you can down 3 oranges in one glass. It feels decadent somehow to use them for juice, but it really was a great use for them.

        1. Growing up we kept boxes and boxes of oranges and grapefruit for a couple or more months in the garage after harvest. The fruit needed cold to cool temperatures, dry, and disposal of anything going mouldy at once.

          1. I've been keeping lemons and limes in a brown paper bag in the fridge for a couple of months in some cases. The outsides get kinda gnarly but they stay nice and juicy.