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Feb 2, 2010 06:53 PM

where is the best cracked conch in nassau?

hi, we will be in Nassau on a wednesday for lunch. So far the best spot seems to be Twin Brothers. any reason to go anywhere else?

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  1. Poop Deck always has good Cracked Conch, and yes, Twin Brothers is really good too. If you're coming in on a cruise, you can walk to Twin Brothers in about 20 minutes. If you go to the Poop Deck (Yacht Haven) you will go in the opposite direction about the same distance. At the Poop Deck, gratuity will be added. At Twin Brothers, it will not be added.

    Which direction you go in may partially depend upon what your plans are for the day.

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      we are flying in from Atlanta1125am and fly to south andros at 3 pm so we have some time to grab lunch. what do you think we should do? thanks

      1. re: kevin25

        Ah, good that you clarified. Realistically, you'll have about 2 hours at the most, as you will have to go through customs and pick up your luggage, go down to the domestic hall and check back in. So, Twin Brothers may be a stretch. There is major construction going on on West Bay St., so it will slow you down.

        However, Poop Deck Sandyport is within a 10 minute drive, and they have a good Cracked Conch platter. There is also the Traveller's Rest, which is really casual, and also good. I rarely go there, but i know that cab drivers like to take tourists there between flights! :-) Traveller's Rest is about 15 minutes from the airport.

        Hope that helps!

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          both look good to me my dad really wants cracked conch for lunch so both look good. what are the chances they would have(or a store) O'Douls for my dad. where would you go?

          1. re: kevin25

            My Dear, now that's a stretch! I'll be honest......O'Douls.....not thinking its gonna happen!! :-) What are dad's options??

            Poop Deck would be good for a variety - sure to meet everyone's needs. I can guarantee NO O'Doul's, tho! Traveller's rest - perhaps less chance of meeting everyone's needs (now that I know that you have at least 2 generations!)m and also definitely NO O'Doul's. However, for a quick, simple, meal, it may do. You won't have a lot of time.

            Cracked conch is yummy - both would be equally good. What about the rest of you? What would you like? Let me know - I can let you know the best idea! :-)

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              cracked conch and grouper top request then conch salad and a cold Kalik. thats really it except maybe a Good fritter. If we can get O'Douls at a quicky store that would be ok with me to take it to Andros with him. Should I buy some O'Douls in cans in Atlanta and fly it in with us? tx

              1. re: kevin25

                I think you will be quite satisifed with Traveller's Rest or Poop Deck Sandyport for Cracked Conch, Grouper, and conch salad! Kalik - not at all a problem. O'Douls.....welll, I just called the two stores in the area for you - no O'Douls! Sorry! Remember, if you buy them in Atlanta, you need to either put them in your checked luggage, or buy them at duty free because you can't carry on the liquids. : )

                Enjoy Andros!

                1. re: Food on the brain

                  duty free...good idea I don't mind checking them but duty free is great if they have it. thanks for the help pspoop deck i just looked has nonalch Becks on there menu (sweet)..

                  1. re: kevin25

                    Have a great trip! I'm sure you will enjoy the Poop Deck and the view from there. I know you will enjoy South Andros!

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                      Hi, well we are back. A great trip. early on delta lost a bag so had limited time for lunch. We went to Travellers Rest. Loved it cracked conch and grouper made everyone happy. cold Kalik for us and nonalc fruit drink worked for my dad. next trip we will stay longer and try some new spots. South Andros didn't dissapoint great bonefish on fly and food was fresh and perfectly done. thanks so much for the advice and next year I'll check back with you if you don't mind...:)

                      1. re: kevin25

                        Hi Kevin,

                        Glad you had a great trip! Travellers Rest is a good choice when you have limited time. Hope your bag caught up with you before you went home! :-)

                        Glad the cracked conch and grouper worked for you! South Andros certainly is beautiful, and I'm glad you tried the bonefishing and fly fishing!

                        Feel free to check in again next year before you come! That being said, I sometimes don't come on to check posts for a few months, so do post once you know you're coming.


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                          thanks my kids want to go to Altantis this winter so I'll be checking back with you....k25

                          1. re: kevin25

                            I agree South Andros is spectular,glda you enjoyed the fishing both bone and fly fishing. It's wonderful to try it there.

                            1. re: kevin25

                              Look forward to checking back in with you! Where did you stay in Andros? We're planning to take nephews this summer for 5 to 7 days. We definitely try the bone fishing and maybe fly fishing, as all we do here is line fishing, trolling, and deep sea fishing.

                              1. re: Food on the brain

                                Bairs lodge fantastis spot for flyfishing for bones. very comfortable great food and drinks I think they can also set up offshore as well.

                                  1. re: Food on the brain

                                    Hi Food on the brain are you still on chowhound? I have some new questions

                                    1. re: kevin25

                                      Hi Kevin,

                                      Still here! What can I do for you?

                                      1. re: Food on the brain

                                        hi again, I am thinking of bringing my wife and kids to Bahamas. 2 days Atlantis then 4-5 days long island(stella Maris) for food I was thinking Potter Cay for seafood(lunch) then maybe try spots out of Atlantis.what do you suggest. 2 boys 9 & 10 years old eat alot of things. and do you have any ideas for stella maris area thanks

                                        1. re: kevin25

                                          Hi Kevin,

                                          Glad you've decided to bring your wife and kids down! The restaurants in Marina Village and inside Atlantis, with the exception of Cafe Martinique, Nobu, and Mesa Grill, are ok, but not great. They are also quite expensive, and the automatic gratuity is 18% instead of 15%.

                                          Catch a cab downtown one night and go to Cafe Matisse. If it's not too hot, sit out in the courtyard. It's a beautiful setting, and the food and service is always wonderful.

                                          Arawak Cay is another place worth checking out, if you have time.

                                          Now, this is a key - time. If you are only at Atlantis for 2 days, the kids may not want to go out of Atlantis at all! :-) There is lots to do there. There are a lot of water features that you likely will spend at least one day going through (over and over again). There is an amazing aquarium, there are kids' activities, a movie theatre, etc. It is really easy for families to keep entertained and occupied for a full two days.

                                          If you stay onsite, there are food outlets all over. Check out some of the other posts on here about food at Atlantis. Other than Mesa Grill, Nobu, Dune, and Cafe Martinique, we really don't go to any of the other places. I have eaten at some of the small onsite food outlets when I have been over at Atlantis working, and they are not bad.

                                          For other places on PI, I wouldn't bother with any of the offsite places, with the exception of the Green Parrot. It is in Hurrican Hole, just east of the PI bridge going back to Nassau. It's a casual outdoor place, with great (big) burgers, excellent onion rings, and lots of other goodies. On the weekends they also have live music. They also have a pub downtown and a harbourfront location on New Providence (Nassau) just west of the PI bridge. They have a good mix of Bahamian and non-Bahamian dishes.

                                          Now, in Long Island (whatever made you decide on Long Island?), there isn't much going on, and not much for food. The two primary resorts are quite different. Stella Maris has a lot of activity, and is on the eastern side of the island. Cape Santa Maria is a beautiful, albeit really quiet resort, with a lot less going on. The villas are a really good deal, and offer luxury accomodations at a really reasonable cost ($120/night at this time of year). The dining room at the resort is decent, but you can also cook yourself in the villas. The beach at Cape Santa Maria is absolutely heavenly, and no motorized vehicles are really allowed into the bay, with the exception of their excursion boats and any boats that are coming into the resort to stay. Imagine looking out the window of your unit onto an amazing beach with your boat anchored right there.....

                                          In terms of where to eat on Long Island, we were at Cape Santa Maria with 28 people, so we ate breakfast and lunch in the dining room some of the time, dinner once, and the rest of our meals we cooked as a group as our group had a number of villas. We actually brought our own groceries over from Nassau because the grocers on Long Island had more limited supply. If you are here during crawfish (lobster) season, you can get some from Nassau and take them with you, or you could go fishing yourself and catch crawfish or fish to cook!

                                          When on Long Island, make sure you check out Dean's Blue Hole. If you dive, even better!

                                          Have a blast!


                                          1. re: Food on the brain

                                            what about twin brothers do you like it? It sounds like people like it but service is slow if your not local. what do you think? also I picked long island for quiet family time some bonefishing and exploring on our own. I heard Max Conch shack was good there. I thought 2 days at Atlantis with big crowds was enough then quiet time to actually relax. what do you think.

                                            1. re: kevin25

                                              Hi Kevin,

                                              To be honest, we don't go to Awarak Cay. I have been to Twin Brothers once, and I remember that the food was good, but I don't remember anything in particular about the service.

                                              You are right - 2 days at Atlantis likely will be plenty. That being said, as I said, you may find that you keep quite busy while there. What time of year are you going?

                                              I forgot to mention that there is also a Poop Deck east of the PI bridge where you and your family may enjoy a meal.

                                              I think you will very much enjoy Long Island. Life is very laid back and quiet. Remember to take your snorkets and check out Dean's Blue Hole (but it is a bit hard to find).

                                              When we were there last June, we stayed at Cape Santa Maria and did mostly our own cooking. So I don't have any recs for where to eat, sorry!


                                              Have fun!

                                              1. re: Food on the brain

                                                the poopdeck looks good for us. we were thinking jan feb march or maybe early april what do you think? late feb early march most likely. we are going to Deans for sure(I'll find it) we were thinking stella maris any opinion on it , stay and food related? did you stay in villa at cape santa maria? thanks again

                                                1. re: kevin25

                                                  I thought Poop Deck might look good. Do remember though, if you go to any restaurant in Arawak Cay (Fish Fry - Twin Bros) they do NOT include gratuity in their bill. Everyone else does.

                                                  Where are you coming from? The reason I ask is because coming from the cold in Jan. or Feb. might feel really nice! However, if you aren't coming from really cold, then I would come more like March. Quite honestly, the water is WAAYYYYYY too cold for me in Jan. & Feb (only mid 70's!) : ) By March and April, it's starting to warm up.

                                                  At Cape Santa Maria, we were only a couple, so had one of the wonderful bungalows with a wall of out our bedroom. They have bungalows with a second room for kids, and all have a covered and enclosed veranda right out to the beach.

                                                  The rest of our group of 28 stayed in villas so we spent a fair amount of time down there. The villas are at the far end. That being said, including all the bungalows and villas (villas were 4 to a building), there were only a total of about 32 units.

                                                  The villas are really well outfitted and really beautiful, also with wrap around enclosed verandas.

                                                  Stella Maris is also a beautiful resort - there is more going on there as well. There are more activities going on, and more included in some of the packages. Other than that, I don't know anything about the stay and food as we've never stayed there. Check out Tripadvisor to see if they have any info.

                                                  However, I am convinced the beach at Cape Santa Maria is beyond compare! We brought over a couple Jet Skis (which they didn't really want us to have on the beach, but allowed down at the end by the villas), and were able to go explore the caves and caverns along the coast. Kayaks and canoes would be nice for that as well.

                                                  Happy planning and have fun!

                                                  1. re: Food on the brain

                                                    pittsburgh, warmer water would be better for kids march maybe

                                                    1. re: kevin25

                                                      Mmm......prices are high in March, tho - April (after easter) is shoulder season and prices will decrease.

                                                      :-) Although I understand everyone north east is experiencing high summer temps right now!!

                                                      1. re: Food on the brain

                                                        Food on the brain,

                                                        This has been good reading....thanks for all of the helpful info you seem so willing to share. Not to hijack the thread, but it seems family and I (wife, daughter age 10 and son age 5) will be staying on PI the last week of July. Because the Atlantis restaurants are so expensive, we are looking for a few dining options that are walkable or short cab ride away.

                                                        I've noted Green Parrot and Poop Deck as possibles depending on distance. We are all in good shape and don't mind walking but also aren't looking to invest in a 5 mile walk when we want to eat. Can you share your thoughts as to what might be walkable? Also, what can I expect to pay for cab-fare over to Nassau if we decide to do that instead? I don't mind paying a reasonable fare but from what I have been reading the fares tend to be high to begin with and then there is negotiating involved. Just want to be informed before jumping into that fun.

                                                        Anyway, any thoughts you have on restaurant recs would be appreciated, especially if they are close/on PI, or anything exepctional and worth a ride over to Nassau too.

                                                        Thanks for all of your insights!


                                                        1. re: mgb

                                                          Hi mgb,

                                                          Glad you had lots of good reading. Check out some of my other posts as well (links below).

                                                          Poop Deck Yacht Haven is just over the bridge coming back from PI (the more Easterly bridge) and to the left. Just before that, there is Seafront Sushi on the right hand side of the road. Great sushi! The walk over the bridge can take about 20 minutes. From Atlantis, it might be another 15 minute walk to the bridge.

                                                          Green Parrot is in Hurricane Hole, just to left (east) of the bridge back to New Providence.

                                                          If you take the western bridge (where the ferries and boats all take off from) and go right at the end of the bridge, there is Luciano's of Chicao. Not our favourite for food, but it is a really nice atmosphere, and lots of people do like it for Italian.

                                                          Taking a cab into town would definitely be worthwhile to go to Cafe Matisse. Ask to sit in the courtyard, if it isn't too crazy hot! There is pizza, so kids are often satisfied, as well as pastas that they can share.

                                                          You can walk downtown from Atlantis in about 45 minutes, or, during the daytime, you can take the water taxi for $6 return per person. A taxi cab will likely cost more than the $24 return it would cost for the water taxi, but I really don't know how much. Sorry. There are "posted" rates if you are cabbing from Atlantis, but if you walk outside of Atlantis, you may be able to pick one up and negotiate a better rate.

                                                          Hope this helps! Have a lot of fun!