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Feb 2, 2010 06:43 PM

Toronto Visitors

I will be visiting the enchanting city of Toronto soon with my girlfriend. It will be her first time in Canada, I have been priviliged enough to spend time in Vancouver and Montreal. If anybody feels like taking the time to give some suggestions that are within a 30 minute walk type distance of the downtown area it would be much appreciated. Nothing too expensive please ($20-25 CAD entrees at the most). Chinese is what we like the most and will be staying close to Chinatown. My gf mentioned her boss had come back from Toronto talking about her meal at "Blowfish" and from what I know about her boss, I knew it would be places like that we want to AVOID. Trendy hype jobs, small portions. See and be seen garbage. We looked it up and sure enough I was right, had a good laugh. Big portions are fantastic, love a hearty breakfast place, maybe some carribean food, etc. thanks Ontario

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    1. re: FrankieLymon

      It is good but I don't know that The Hoof fits your request for "not to expensive". But if your a meat lover might be worth it.

    2. Here are some message strings that were written by/for previous visitors to Toronto that you may find interesting:

      To boil it all down for you, good breakfast places downtown are:

      The Senator

      Aunties and Uncles

      The Patrician Grill

      St. Lawrence Market is a Toronto foodie's Mecca. Lots a places to grab a bite. Good Chinese can be found in the downtown Chinatown (Spadina and Dundas).

      Good luck, have fun, and welcome to one of the most wonderful cities in North America!!