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Feb 2, 2010 06:25 PM

Restaurant & Bars listings show up only sometimes?

I added a few links today to an older thread. The links worked (eventually) but upon revisiting the thread, all the links (and the corresponding map and the side-bar links) disappeared. (I may be imagining things, but I think it reappeared then disappeared again on subsequent re-visits).

This is the thread in question

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  1. fmed I see 1, then 13 links (if I counted correctly) in your first two posts from 02/02/10 then one more in the 3rd for a total of 15. Right now I can see the mapping A-O, when I first opened the thread it wasn't there (but the links were). I'd say it's a temporary site glitch since I got the chow error message when I first tried to load the thread.

    I'm sure when whatever updates re new boards and what not are completed mapping will be less glitchy (well with tech support and a little luck anyway) :)

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    1. re: maplesugar

      I've had the same experience with the mapping showing and then subsequently disappearing, and then reappearing later on.

      1. re: rosetown

        Thanks maplesugar and rosetown. I'll just chalk it up to buggy software then. I hope they fix it soon. (And the "add" function working would be nice too.)

    2. This system is still unstable. Any updates on a fix?

      I was none too happy to scroll down 118 posts to find that this poster was just trying to add a link. The thread was already linked up, but at the time, I guess it wasn't showing.

      Or "balabanian" adding just a link here, when this thread was already linked.

      I'm posting these as examples of the bugginess in the system and how it causes responsible posters to react. They're not to blame.