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Feb 2, 2010 05:06 PM

Tribeca Lunching, Stuytown Dining

Hi all, just moved up to the city for a new job, and while I'm well aware that it's totally normal to order food for a lot of everyday meals, I sometimes prefer to get out and walk a few blocks for inexpensive meals. So, since I'm effectively new to the area, I'm hoping I can get some recommendations for some quality standbys. I love a good food cart, and it'd be great to hear about anywhere with a killer deal, or just good takeout.

For lunch, I work just west of the Franklin street subway (on the 1). Any advice on good lunch places that don't cost $11 for a below par sandwich would be great, as would any food cart rec's (I know about and have been to Frites and Meats, but I can't eat hamburgers every day). A place where I could get rotisserie chicken, or some non fast-food hot food would be great.

For dinner, I'm at 1st and 18th, and I know there's a ton of stuff below 14th, so let's say I'm interested in places between 14th and 23rd, and as far west as 3rd Ave. I know about essa-bagel, but other than that, any good spots within a few blocks that have reliable inexpensive food? I'd love to be able to spend $15 for dinner. Also, food carts would be great, but I haven't seen any around!


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  1. For dinner Petite Abeille on 20th and 1st is pretty good for moules frites, burgers and a nice selection of Belgian beers. There is one in Tribeca too, but it probably will exceed your lunch budget.

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      Have you tried Columbine in Tribeca for lunch? Soups, salads and sandwiches. Not cheap but very good quality ingredients.

    2. These are all a little bit of a walk, as I work a good bit east of you, but Bouley Market (W Bway/Duane) has good pre-made sandwiches, hot and cold food by the pound, and truly exceptional breakfast pastry (the apricot danish is to die for).

      A little farther, but worth it, is the Pakistani Tea House (Church/Reade), which has good, cheap 3-dish combos of indian food to go. The veggie options are particularly interesting, and the naan is right out of the oven during the lunch rush.

      Farinella (Worth/Bway) has good, interesting thin crust pizza and a rotating pasta special. They also do calzones and paninis--all with interesting and high quality ingredients.

      Closer to you (Worth/Church) is RBC/NYC, which made me one very delicious latte the other day.

      Also, if you're willing to walk further east (or get delivery), you hit the many, many options of Chinatown, but there are plenty of separate threads on that.

      1. Around Stuy town...

        Molly's is on 3rd btwn 22nd and 23rd and has a great burger and shephards pie.

        Joe Jr. is further south on 3rd (maybe 18th st?) for burgers also.

        Defontes for sandwiches, i'm partial to the #34 (roast pork with hot salad) but they close around 730-8ish at night.

        Artichoke for pizza (square slice) on 14th btwn 1st and 2nd. Blind Pig on 14th btwn 2nd and 3rd is a pretty good bar with decent grub.

        Another Baoguette just opened or will open soon on 3rd around 19th st.

        I've heard good things about the Filipino place around the corner from Ess-a-bagle called Grill 21 but i've never been

        1. For very good inexpensive Italian fare you should try Frank's Trattoria on First Ave. between E. 21 & 22 Sts. They have a pizza place in the front, but a very nice traditional restaurant in the rear. Most entrees are within your budget.

          For good sushi, you should try Hane on E. 20 St. and First Ave.

          I'd skip Petite Abeille on First Ave. I was there last year, and the food and service were really bad.

          1. On opposite corners of 2nd & 18th:

            Posto serves very good thin crust pizza.

            Lantern Thai's food is quite tasty.

            If you're willing to go one more block north to 24th, b/t 2nd & 3rd (much closer to 2nd), Limon is a teensy spot with very good Turkish food.

            The only food cart I've ever seen in the area above 14th is on the corner of 25th & Lex, near Baruch College. I'm not into carts; therefore, I've never bothered to see what he's serving. Obviously, I can't say how good or bad the food is.