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Feb 2, 2010 04:51 PM

Duck Sausages?

Trying to locate store/butcher shop in Seattle (and surrounding)area that sells
duck sausages.
Whole Foods,Bellevue referred me to Stewart's in Yelm---no luck.
I can mail order it from a few different sources( D'Artagnan or Sid Wainer in New Bedford,Mass.)but prefer to buy it at the source....maybe even a farm?
Don't mind travelling a bit,will make a 'field trip' day out of it.
Thanks in advance for any info.

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  1. I'm pretty sure Sea Breeze has them every so often. And I swear I've seen them at DeLaurenti's.

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    1. re: Lauren

      Thanks Lauren,I called DeLaurenti's-they don't carry them any more,neither does Uli's at Pike Place Mkt.They referred me to a Greek market,Vios on Capital Hill.
      Called them--they don't carry them anymore either.
      Tried to call SeaBreeze Farm(Vashon Island?)-can't get through.
      Tried to e-mail---unable to send???
      This is becoming way too frustrating....arrgghhhh......

      1. re: grangie angie

        There must be somewhere who makes duck sausage locally. I called SeaBreeze and they told me they don't make it. I don't see it on the Swinery's web site, either.

        I can tell you that Oyama at the Granville Market makes them but I'm not sure if that is what you'd call a 'surrounding area' to Seattle!

        1. re: Lauren

          Ooooooh....I LOVE the Granville Island Market,have been there many times.
          However,I wonder if one can bring raw meat across the border from B.C. or
          will it be confiscated?
          Thanks again Lauren for your info.

          1. re: grangie angie

            You can bring any Canadian-raised & made meat products, except goat/lamb, across the border. But, they still might look at what you have once you tell them. -- It's always better to tell them than not. I find, where I cross anyway, presenting a receipt and looking relaxed is the best way to avoid even an inspection....

            1. re: logicprofessor

              Interesting.....I wonder why no lamb(or goat)?
              We usually cross at Blaine or the 'truck crossing' a little further East.
              Thanks for info.

              1. re: logicprofessor

                The last time I went, I got the goat/lamb story. The time before it was beef. I find that it changes often and, even if you look up the rules during your trip, not all border agents are on top of things. My rule is to answer vaguely and not offer up any information.

          2. re: grangie angie

            Not sure about the 'unable to send' part but Sea Breeze Farm has a phone number: 206.567.4628 and email: During your search we actually had whole grass based ducks for sale. Your best option for sausage is what a later reply suggested, making it yourself. In order to make duck sausage on a regular basis, there would need to be a lot of ducks in a field. We raise animals exclusively on grass. We do make pork and lamb sausage on a regular basis. I hope we can help in the

        2. I'd try:
          Heritage Meats
          If they don't make them and you really want them, they make custom sausages...
          Double D Meats

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          1. re: akq

            Will try contacting these places.
            Thanks for info.

          2. What kind of duck sausage are you looking for? Sausage is pretty easy to make yourself at home.

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            1. re: vanillagorilla

              I will make just about anything myself(homemade)but I'm not into the
              whole sausage making thing,nor do I want to buy equipment just to make sausages.
              Just finished making a duck confit in preparation for a cassoulet.
              I never dreamed this would become such a search,for something that was
              so readily accessible on the East Coast!!
              But I did just hear back from Heritage Meats(thanks again for info,'akq')
              so hopefully my search for the Holy Grail of Sausages will soon be over!!
              Thanks again to all,from this transplanted New Yorker!!