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Feb 2, 2010 04:40 PM

Opinions on NXR or Bluestar gas range?

I've been looking around to find a good reasonably priced but still pro-style gas range - and just saw the NXR brand of ranges, I've also been looking at the Bluestar and it's currently my frontrunner!
Has anyone gotten or used one of these before - what have your experiences been?

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  1. This is truly a case of you get what you pay for. I sell many appliance manufacturers and I honestly would not put either of these in my own home. Not impressed with the companies the quality or the local representation. I would look into the new Kitchenaid pro series. Probably the best in it's price range, and I'm not a big Kitchenaid fan. Also consider the new Viking Designer series - very nicely priced for the features, and wonderful quality. If it's in your price range, it would be my first choice.

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      I am a proud owner of a BlueStar. The performance is unbelievable. My color is unique, as is my cooktop configuration. I moved my griddle far right, my CB far left and added two 22K's. Surely, Kitchenaid and even the New Viking, are hardly pro. NXR is unfortunately untested and from overseas. Not interested. I enjoy working with American boutique companies that are fluid with design and stress performance. Sure smaller appliance companies are not littering the landscape, but they respond and care. BTY, BlueStar replaced Viking on Next Iron Chef. Love the little guy!!!!! However, just my experience. Go touch, cook and feel each, and you will see for yourself.

      1. re: ruby765

        I will put a BS into my kitchen soon.

        I would put neither Viking nor KitchenAid in my kitchen.

        KA is an inferior product. KA had issues with blown fuses and ovens a few years ago. BS had issues with oven doors a few years both seem to be resolved.

        Vikings quality has been going down for at least 5 years. And it appears it has not been resolved.

        A 30" BS range is about $4K. You do get what you pay for and probably a little more.

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          This is an older post but has your opinion changed? It seems that Bluestar hit a rough patch in 2008-2010.

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            I bought a 36in w/a griddle at the end of 2012, installed early in 2013. While it was pricy, I have no 'ragrets.' My wife and I appreciate both the simplicity and the power. If I had to remodel another kitchen in the future, they would definitely be at the top of my list.

        2. I’m a proud owner of a Wolf and do chef demonstrations for large equipment dealer so I get to play on all of the gizmos.

          Between the two you picked Bluestar hands down only because NXR is unknown and appears to be a cheap imported knock-off. Who knows it may end up being as good as a dacor, Viking, thermador, but currently BS burners kick butt.

          To throw another option in at you, have you looked into induction cooktops?

          I would suggest that you check them out, if I was redoing my kitchen I would ditch the range, put in induction and double wall ovens – induction is THAT good.

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          1. re: RetiredChef

            Blue Star cook tops seem to win hands down based on numerous postings I've read and I was leaning towards the 36" cook top. However, I've just started seeing rave comments about induction - can anyway advise on the difference between gas and induction? I do a lot of stir fry’s and know gas is the prevailing method in Chinese restaurants...

            1. re: dorymoments

              Restaurants that use woks use gas burners, but their burners are about 3-5 times stronger than what you'll find on your residential cooktops.

              As far as that goes, alot of large induction hobs have a higher BTU conversion than the most expensive residential gas hob.

            2. re: RetiredChef

              Induction is fine, as long as you use cookware that will work with it....but what about my Mauviel?

              1. re: RetiredChef

                I took the chance with NXR after deliberating heavily with Bluestar. I really wish I had opted for a Bluestar now.

              2. Thanks all for the input! I just bought the 4 burner Bluestar yesterday. Viking and Wolf's are tempting but beyond our pricepoint right now - maybe in the next kitchen! It won't be hooked up for a couple of weeks but I'll report back on how it worked out. I'm excited - hopefully if it's good enough for the Iron Chef's it'll be great for me :)

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                1. re: sablon

                  Have been cooking with the Bluestar for over a month now and LOVE IT! The temperature control is unbleiveable - I can take something from a rapid boil to a simmer with the dial of the knob. The gradient between high and low is also substantial. It's a solid construction and althouh open burner - very easy to clean as all the components come apart. An excellent pro-style range and a more reasonable price point.

                2. NXR is made by Duro, a Chinese company.

                  Which is a subsidiary of Chinese Nexgrill.

                  I am have never owned or cooked on a NXR.

                  But I am familiar with Nexgrill.

                  SS BBQ grills that rust after two or three years.

                  NXR allegedly uses German made burners in their Chinese made ranges.

                  I would run the other way.

                  1. About 2 months ago we bought a Blue Star 36 inch. It has been a nightmare! We would NEVER wish this product on anyone. We are fighting to get our money back, but the retailer says he cannot get his money from Blue Star, and the Canadian distributor for Blue Star says it is the responsibility of the retailer. We spent a considerable sum for this "high end" product, and are sorely disappointed.

                    Upon delivery the cast iron grates were badly chipped.

                    The burners did not light properly (releasing too much gas before spark resulting in big poof to start), and did not turn off properly (another poof to end).

                    The knobs are inset too far, so we cannot read the indicators.
                    The oven casing expands upon heating resulting in a large "bang" sound as it expands each time.

                    Blue Star has sent replacement grates, new knobs and replacement burners. The tech has struggled to install these correctly - to no avail. They have been out twice - so far.

                    Blue Star's recommended "fix" for the knobs was to stuff PAPER into them so they sit out further!
                    The new grates do not fit into the cook top properly. It is so tight now we cannot remove them for cleaning, and the trim sits askew. Another manufacturing defect.

                    When the tech left last time, we continued to smell gas, and were forced to turn off the main gas valve at the wall. When he called the next day, the tech postulated that this was due to the stupid "paper fix" for the knobs pressing on the valve, releasing gas slowly.

                    We are continuing to fight through this problem. We have lost faith in the quality, and SAFETY of this product.

                    Food for thought as you consider which manufacturer to go with!

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                    1. re: Canada

                      I feel your pain, but that's all you have to say in the entire chow-world?

                      I've noted that the burner bowls aren't exactly square. If you get them off by 90 degrees, they're a very tight fit. There's one of the sections that fits around one leg of the star that's raised. IIRC, it needs to go at either 2 o'clock or 7 o'clock.

                      The big burners will come on with a ka-whompf! because you turn them to high to light them. If you turn past that to low when lighting, it will be less dramatic.

                      Couldn't tell you what to do about the other issues. The knobs seem very odd. You could attach a photo if you're interested in more than just venting.