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Crab Salad, and why is it so hard to find any one talking about it

I heard that the Ivy had a good one, but there is nothing about it at all in the reviews here. Please tell me where do you go when you are craving the Perfect Crab (not crabbe or krab) Salad, and why?

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  1. 26 Beach has one. It has a scoop of Crab salad and some shrimp on a bed of romaine with corn, cheese, onions, anaheim chiles, tomatoes & cilantro and comes with a cilantro jalapeno dressing.

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        God -- R23 has the best goddamn crab salad on the planet!!!!

        I have tried to replicate it at home... Nearly there...

        It's pricey but totally fantastic and worth the trip just for that dish alone. Add the lobster tempura (super expensive) and you have a perfect meal IMHO.

      2. Ok, I have started the tasting process of the Crab Salads. Last week went to R23, for the crab salad (which was huge) was NOT very good.

        The Ankimo was perfect!

        Next stop is Grace (for the crab salad) wish me luck ;-)!

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          oh, shoot -- I just saw you wrote this. Why did you think it was not very good? Too asian-y for your liking?? The dressing is -- olive oil, soy sauce, ginger and rice wine vinegar, fyi, which perhaps was not what you wanted...

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            I was told it had a touch of mayo in it too. The last time I had it, it was not as good as I remembered.

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              I don't recall any mayo--what Max said.

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                The crab salad at R23 uses a citrus-yuzu based dressing. In certain respects, it reminds me of a faux Caesar salad with crab.

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                  Definitely no mayo -- and, from memory, I didn't get any "ceasar-like" impression at all (to me that signifies "creamy" which this consomme-like dressing was decidedly not!)

        2. Cameron's Seafood in Pasadena makes a nice Crab salad.

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              Mmmm... I miss the Wagyu meatloaf from 2117 all of a sudden... Damn you, ipse!

            2. Orris often offers one on a bed of long, thin strands of cucumber. It is excellent.

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                Almost forgot, I have had a delicious appetizer salad with little gem lettuce, avocado, green goddess dressing and lots of crabmeat at Tavern in Brentwood.

              2. First off – let me say that I absolutely love crab. As you know, there are numerous versions of crab salad currently offered, ranging from traditional Crab Louie with whole pieces of crab on top of fresh greens to the chopped or even triturated and blended with mayo or crema variety all the way to the nouveau, artistically deconstructed concoctions.

                I’ve eaten many restaurant crab salads. My problem with most of them, save perhaps a real, old school Crab Louie like the one served at Tadich Grille in San Francisco, is that they simply do not incorporate enough crab! And, as the years pass, the problem seems to be getting worse. I’m a fan of whole or large pieces of lump crab or leg meat, lots of it, on top of or mixed-in with any variety of garden greens or whatever. Heck, just give me enough darn crab to quench my desire for a crab salad! After all, I didn’t order a “salade avec une essence de crabe”.

                That said, when I now want my crab salad fix, I have turned to a rather unique, non-traditional format and presentation – the crab hand rolls served up at some LA area sushi bars such as Sushi Nozawa in Studio City and Echigo, Sushi Zo and Sushi Sasabune in WLA among others. The best however, imho, is the Texas Blue Crab Hand Roll made by Katsu at Sushi Wasabi in Tustin. Give one of those a try and I guarantee you’ll order a second one, maybe even a third. I could eat ‘em all day. Alas, Tiare, Katsu won’t sell them to go.