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Feb 2, 2010 04:26 PM

Why does my electric kettle leak?

It's just occasionally and only after I have put it down on the counter to refill it instead of holding it up to the spout. It works quickly, retains heat well and even looks pretty good--all without that chemical smell some other appliances have. It is a mid-priced appliance part of that Dr. Weil line made by Spring; got it at Zabars about two years ago.

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  1. I can't picture it - how much leaks out?

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    1. re: Soop

      OK, just to be clear, it is one of those glass kettles that looks like pitcher and you replace it on its plastic base after you fill it with water. The leak comes from the place where the metal material that's wrapped around the bottom half meets the part that actually gets set on the heater. It does not seem to effect the electical workings of the devise (although a couple of times it has interfered with the functioning of the switch which makes the darn thing stop....). Leaks just a few seconds maybe one to a few teaspoons. I am baffled about the cause. I wouldn't care if it were just me that used it; just need to explain to friends and family who are trying to help why they should not put it down on innocuous-seeming counter!

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        Correction: I just did a search and discovered that my Dr. Weil kettle is NOT really made of glass as its design leads one to believe. So misleading. Time to look for a new electric kettle.....

    2. I also don't really get it, but I certainly wouldn't use an electric kettle that leaks (even occasionally).

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        I'd call the manufacturer. Just in the past 30 days I've dealt with an electric skillet with a chipped bakealite (sp?) lid (Entire until replaced via UPS, $20+ total: under $30., and when confused online ordering a slow cooker replacement lid (due to a detached knob), the CSO volunteered to ship out a whole new unit at zero cost, also via UPS! WOW! This even after I said it had been well over a year now since purchasing from Costco + reading her the (requested) series of numerals from the label on the unit's bottom side to confirm the date of manufacture!
        My recent experiences lead me to believe the manufacturers are promoting "customer-friendly-service" in 2010 :-)
        Worth a phone call?
        P.S.: For what it's worth, I finally decided to try an electric kettle this past year - after reading they're truly faster than the microwave at boiling water (mine beats my 1200 watt Costco Sharp model at boiling up 1.7 liters), and am very pleased with the Huntington Beach model - SEE:
        After the impulse purchase (I think I heard the news about them beating microwaves on NPR while driving to the stores, or something like that...), I rushed to read the reviews ~ and was crestfallen, sure I'd purchased a pig in a poke, but no - this kettle makes 3-5 pots a day for children to enjoy tea & hot chocolate - (and they've made their fair share of "creations", too '-
        )No worries!
        Never a let-down & never a leak. Promise. Just something to toss around while deciding what to do about that electricity & water ballet going on over there '-)