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Feb 2, 2010 04:11 PM

Moving to Columbia, SC and need restaurant recommendations

Howdy y'all! I am soon to be divorced and am moving to Columbia, where my elderly parents reside. As a new 55 year old single woman, I do enjoy a drink but am NOT into the bar scene. I will be living off of Forest Drive, past Richland Mall from the direction of The Laureat. I am very familiar with Mr. Friendlys, as this is my parents to go to lunch place on Wednesdays and LOVE it. They used to go to Motor Supply, but a few months ago they said the food and service fell off, so now they usuall go to Za's on Friday for lunch. I'm not especially into 5 star dining, LOL especially when I'm paying the bill. I like a nice relaxed place with good food that's reminsence of the old TV show Cheers. I currently live in Alabama (ROLL TIDE #1) where we are chain restaurant city. One thing I LOVE about Columbia is all the independent places you have there. So any recommendations in that aspect will be apprecited. Unfortunately my palate runs to American type food, so I'd like to know more about restaurants in that food range. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hunter-Gatherer. Hudson's BBQ, though no alcohol there. There's a good breakfast place on Gervais downtown, but I can't remember the name--two stories, painted random colors inside...anyway, great breakfasts.

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      Thanks Sister. Since I made my original post I've found several threads concerning Columbia eateries. Appreciate your recommendations!

    2. It is an absolute hole in the wall, but the Thai food at the Bangkok Restaurant on Garners Ferry rocks! Don't blink, you will miss it.

      The burgers at Angelo's Zesto Burger on Main street cannot be beat, though the neighborhood could be.

      Last but not least go to to 5 points and poke around, get a sandwich at Groucho's. While there get a coffee at Adrianna's and a gelato. Man I miss that place.

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        A second to the Bangkok recommendation. A coworker recommended it and we tried it yesterday. Great food and the prices were very reasonable. My wife said that the Pad Thai (we always try that on a first visit) was the best she has ever eaten.

        Last I heard, though, Adrianna's had stopped selling gelato and just sells regular ice cream, but maybe they switched back. And speaking of Five Points, the Gourmet Shop across the street has great sandwiches and we love sitting outside when the weather cooperates. Trouble is, on nice days, everyone else in town seems to have the same idea.