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Feb 2, 2010 03:24 PM

Erratic hours at Pho and Rice

I've tried to bring someone to lunch here twice over the past 3 days. Arrived about 12:00 to be greeted by a sign in the window that they will not open until 2 (Sunday) or 1 (today). No reason for the late openings on the sign or website. I'm curious if anyone else has had this happen or knows what's going on. I really like this place a lot but to get all they way over there during normal business hours and find them closed with lunch time ticking away is making me less inclined to go.

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  1. We went on Monday at noon. As we pulled up, the closed sign was being turned around to an open. We got a Goi salad with Shrimp to start, I had a Pho Tai and my wife had a Pho Ga. Everything was to the usual standards (good, not amazing) but I was happy to see that my broth was very rich and fat-bubbly. I was a happy camper.

    1. I dunno, but I'll be sure to bring them some business soon - I like their soups a lot.

      1. I haven't run into the hours issue, since I usually get take out in the evening to reward myself for finishing my shopping at Shaws. I really like their food, especially their new boneless rib appetizer, However, last month I ate in and had an inexcusably bad experience. They didn't even bring my appetizer until my friend had finished her main course, despite my asking several times, and when my main dish appeared after an hour, it wasn't what I had ordered. They didn't offer to do anything to make it right; I finally just refused to pay and they didn't argue. The take out has always been quite efficient, so it was a very unhappy surprise.

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          Just curious...what was your main dish? I cannot think of much on the menu that would have taken an hour to prepare...were they really busy? Not to excuse this sort of thing...but I pretty much go there and get soup in one form or another, as do most folks it seems. So wonder if you ordered non-Pho, they sort of got caught unprepared...

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            Why would they get "caught unprepared" if fantundo ordered something printed on *their* menu?? Why are you making excuses for that sort of atrocious service?

            1. re: scratchie

              There's a lot of stuff on that menu that isn't Pho.

              1. re: scratchie

                lol...I said, "not to excuse this sort of thing..." Just trying to figure out why it happened,, I mean, scratchie.

                For example, let's just say that fantundo ordered tamarind duck at 9pm on a Tuesday...might be a little more easily explained (but not excused) than say, a small bowl of pho ga at 7pm on a Thursday.

                That way, I "learn" to make a mental note *not* to order tamarind duck at 9pm on a Tuesday unless I have an hour to kill.

              2. re: Bob Dobalina

                I ordered the same bun that I always do, which they have ready in less than ten minutes when I'm at the take out counter.

            2. I don't know about erratic hours or crazy unexpected ordering but I got some bun bo hue there for lunch recently that was delicious. I like that PnR isn't afraid to include the grizzly and fatty bits of beef (or the more challenging duck parts, if you order the duck noodle soup.) I called around noon and it was ready for me to pick up 15 mins later.

              1. Hm. We've always had good luck at P&R, but then again it's usually for dinner. I like their soups a lot - dependable and lots of flavor. Lots of noodle and other options, and the spicy really is spicy. We also got their jasmine limeade for the first time - lovely and fresh. When the waiter brought our dessert, he said "Be careful, it's delicious," which made us laugh, but it really was.