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Grocery Outlet-February 2010

Sharffen Berger 70% Bittersweet chocolate baking chunks 6 oz. $2.49
Sharffen Berger 62% semisweet chocolate baking chunks 6 oz. $2.49
LU Petite Madeline cookies (mint or dark chocolate) $1.99
Pacific Soymilk Chocolate Hazelnut 4-pack $1.69
College Inn Bold Broth Rotisserie chicken flavor broth .99
Dagoba Lavender Blueberry chocolate bar 2.83 oz. $1.99
Dagoba Milk Chocolate bar 42% 2.83 oz $1.99
Coconut flavor M&Ms .50
Morningstar Farms "pork" riblets $2.49
Archer Farms applewood smoked ham steak price varies by weight-most were around .60
Bossa Nova Mangosteen drink 10 oz. .99
Claim Jumper Chicken a la Vodka $2.99
small sweet peppers (yellow, orange, and red) $1.99

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  1. The Pacific is actually chocolate-flavored hazelnut milk (not soymilk). I thought it was pretty good. I figured the coconut M&Ms would show up sooner or later -- I'll keep an eye out for them.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Oakland had the large bags of the coconut M&Ms for $1.99 this week. Also, lots of Pacific almond milk and another brand of organic soy milks (both unflavored and vanilla).

      The big discovery yesterday (Sunday, 2/21) was five-pound bags of frozen organic French green beans for $4.99. Each bag has five one-pound bags inside.

      Otherwise, I thought pickings were slim.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I bought those green beans the other day. It wasn't until I got home that I saw that they were made in China. I am weary of organics from China.

        1. re: orangeworld

          Just the organics ? I almost never buy the frozen fish at GO because almost all of it's from China.

        2. re: Ruth Lafler

          Oh, I forgot: Eagle brand sweetened condensed milk for 99 cents a can. I was out, so I restocked.

      2. Santa Rosa today -
        Didn't see most of the items listed by OP. A couple of Bossa Nova juices in cooler & a different acai juice.

        The big deal is lots of Spectrum products in cooler & on shelves - mayo, flax oil (5-6 choices), salad dressing 4-5 choices) and a few odds n ends. Prices a fraction of retail.

        Frozen organic food - Amy's, but not Cedarlane today.

        No worthwhile soup, crackers, cheese or cookies. Not sure why. Winter is the season, but the stock isn't there.

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        1. re: Columba

          There was Cedarlane frozen food at the Berkeley store yesterday. I didn't buy any, since it seems expensive for what it is.

          My SO really likes the Marmor marble cake from Germany, but it's a bit junky.

        2. Pietro Coricelli extra virgin olive oil, $7.99/liter - labeled as sourced from Tunisia, nice buttery ripeness but with some peppery bite still

          1. 50 cents - Shop and Save sugar wafer cookies 8 oz
            99 cents - Organic bbq chipotle Kettle potato chips
            2.49 - Blue Diamond almond butter (creamy or w/honey) 12 oz

            The Kettle chips are this week's special and they are really good. I don't think they really have either a bbq or chipotle flavor, but there's an excellent garlic flavor and a pleasant, but mild spiciness.

            The sugar wafers do have sugar and not HFCS.

            The creamy almond butter just had almonds and sea salt so I bought that. The honey had one questionable ingredient. I can't remember the last time, if ever, I bought almond butter, so I'm no expert. However, this stuff seems flavorless to me. It is just .... thick. It is the first thing I may actually return to GO. Again, maybe almond butter is supposed to taste this bland

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            1. re: rworange

              Also on chips at Berkeley, Alexia Waffle Fries 5oz, 99 cents. Thick, spicy waffle puffs with a good heat.

              1. re: wolfe

                I tried the Waffle Fries in "Bold & Spicy BBQ" flavor and found them to be near-tasteless. They do have a very good crunch and look nice. :) Perhaps you tried the "Hot" variety or just got a better batch than I.

            2. At the Berkeley store, Mosaic Whole Fruit Fusion Olive Oil (Lemon, Blood Orange or Lime) cold pressed. 12.5 fl oz. 5.99$. Nice drizzled over a plate of greens, grilled chicken or fish.

              St. Clemens Danablu blue cheese, 4.4 oz. 2.49$, packaged in a wedge shape. Also have Rosenborg Castello Noble Blue, 6.25 oz, 1.99$, in a box, shaped like a cube of butter.

              Also saw King's Kimchi (no MSG, no preservatives), 14 oz. for 0.99$. Mild only.

              1. BTW, when I was in San Leandro GO last week I bought a couple of Coombs Family Maple Syrup (grade B) -- $4.99/8 ouncs bottle, which is a good price but not a fabulous price. At home I noticed the bottle said "rated #1 by Gourmet Magazine." I opened it yesterday, and darned if it isn't exceptionally tasty. I love maple syrup, so it all tastes good to me, but this seems to have real depth of flavor without being crude. Thumbs up!

                1. In Oakland:
                  Fresh from Hawaii brand macadamia nuts, 5.5 oz for $1.99.
                  Little Honey Bear honey, 8oz for $1.25 (it says it's fro Arizona)
                  Mr. Z beef jerky, 1oz, 2/$1.00 (says grass fed beef)

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                  1. re: ML8000

                    The Mr. Z beef jerky is pretty good, especially for the price. It's grassfed from Brazil.

                    I didn't see and coconut M&Ms at Oakland (or any chocolate worth buying). No plain yogurt, either. I bought some Brown Cow nonfat lemon yogurt ($1.49/qt), and even though it's not sweetened with HFCS it's still very sweet. I got some plain cottage cheese (Breakstone, $1.49/pt), and I'm mixing the two, which tones down the sweetness a little.

                    Oakland has the Coombs Family maple syrup, too.

                    1. re: Ruth Lafler

                      San Pablo has the maple syrup as well. A few years ago they carried it. I thought it was good as well.

                      Yeah, there is a dearth of plain yogurt at GO. Berkeley Bowl has the plain Brown Cow for $2.29 for the large size (32 oz?). For some reason, they flavored is more expensive at $2.59, I think. However, I was looking for plain and this worked out for me ... and I splurged fat and calories wise on the cream on top version.

                      1. re: rworange

                        It's February. Maybe they need to reduce inventory for the new maple season. Seasonality in shelf goods was something I never thought about until someone here mentioned that canned tomatoes go on sale at the end of summer since canners need to clear space for the new crop. Made perfect sense!

                  2. Has anyone seen the Kedem grape juice lately? We bought a case a couple of months ago but its not in the RWC store anymore.

                    1. At RWC Saturday:
                      Bossa Nova drinks in three flavors -- Mangosteen, Acerola/oeach and Acai/mango, 10 oz., 99 cents (Tried the mangosteen -- very tasty)
                      Bom Dia Acai juice, 11.5 oz, 99 cents
                      Red bell peppers for 69 cents each
                      Really sad papayas, on their last legs, and not cheap enough to consider buying
                      R.W. Garcia gluten free, 5 seed crackers, $1.99 -- don't bother if you're looking for a cracker. These are corn chips, shaped round, slightly thicker to qualify as crackers. Tasty a a snack, but far too few to rate spending $1.99.
                      Family Farm organic wheat crackers, 7.5 oz, 99 cents
                      Clif Bar, Crunchy peanut butter, 2.4 oz, 99 cents

                      1. Berkeley:
                        This was my first weekday visit that I can recall...the shelves were noticeably more organized (specifically the refrigerated section) and the atmosphere was more pleasant.

                        -Wines: Saw the Le Corbinie 08 Chianti and 08 Toscana Rosso that somebody liked a few months ago for about $4.99.
                        -In Bossa Nova single-serving drinks they only had Raspberry Acai flavor. $0.99
                        -There are still many Spectrum Brand Flax-y products including a bunch of salad dressings like Chipotle Pomegranate and Vegan Caesar.
                        -Finally some more Vital Vittles breads! They are rarely there on the weekends. 9-grain, 12-grain, "Regular Bread" or some name like that, and one of the honey/cinnamon/nut ones. $2.19
                        -Still a bunch of fancy/flashy teas scattered above the frozen section.
                        -As far as ice cream, I saw the Haagen Daaz Five Brown Sugar and a Frozen Yogurt Honey & ?.
                        -The Berkeley store also has the previously mentioned Macadamia nuts which come out to roughly $6/lb.

                        -Reese Maraschino Syrup. Real sugar, natural flavorings, but artificial color. 8oz. $0.99
                        -Mrs. Paul's Deviled Crab Cakes! They don't have the purest ingredient list but the first ingredient is real crabmeat (I can't stand imitation) and 20g of protein per cake, which makes me feel like there is a good ratio of crabmeat:other crap. 5 cakes. 14.5oz. $0.99. (I think there may be a mispricing error because the smaller 3-cake package is $1.69. Also note, the "best by" date is Jan 15, but it's in a "Flavor-seal" package and I just really wanted some damn crabcakes.)
                        -A flat of 20 Sun Valley Organic, Cage-Free eggs. $2.99
                        -Spectrum Organic Marinade and Grill Sauces: Malay Asam (soy sauce, tamarind, pineapple) and another flavor (lime, orange?, and cumin). 12.5oz. $1.49.
                        -College Inn Culinary Broth: White wine and Herb: "Chicken broth flavored with chablis wine, thyme, oregano, and rosemary". 32 oz. $0.99 (located opposite the pet food area).
                        -Green Garden Naturals Creamy Roasted Garlic Caesar Dressing. This looks yummy with good ingredients, but I can't open it yet because I have an addiction to buying new salad dressings and I end up with 3-5 open at one time (I only cook for myself). 12 oz. $1.49. (Refrig. section)

                        1. At Berkeley Grocery Outlet last Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 12th:

                          - 99 cents, Colman's Hot Chili Whole Grain Mustard, 5.5 oz. jar, from Norwich, UK, I think that it was on a shelf above the freezer section;
                          - 99 cents, King's Spicy Kimchi, 14 oz. jar, no msg, some bubbling when I opened the jar, from King's Asian Gourmet of San Francisco;
                          - $1.29, Gertie's Asparagus Spears, 15 oz. can, from Peru;
                          - $2.19, Caledonian Golden Promise Ale, 500 ml. bottle, from Edinburgh, Scotland, the world's first organic beer , a lighter-style ale and
                          - $1.99, Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale, 22 oz. bottle, 5.9% alcohol by volume, brewed with pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, ginger and allspice, from Elysian Brewing of Seattle but contract brewed for them by New Belgium Brewing of Ft. Collins, CO. I liked this a lot as did many of the reviewers at beeradvocate.com. There was more of this at the Oakland Grocery Outlet. Reminds me of the time I stopped at Buffalo Bill's in Hayward, one of the original brewpubs in America, about 15 year ago to pickup my first bottle of pumpkin ale.
                          - also Mendocino Brewing, the maker of Red Tail Ale, has some special editions, a Belgian White and a marzen, at GO.

                          1. Berkeley 2/12 afternoon:

                            Strub's pickled dill green tomatoes, 33 fl oz, $2.49 - brine cured, no vinegar!
                            LU petite madelines cookies $1.69
                            Tillamook sliced cheese (several varieties), 8oz, $1.49 - sell by mid March
                            Nutella (product of Canada, palm oil), 13oz, $2.99 - sell by Dec 2010

                            Didn't spot any kimchi unfortunately
                            Lots of Night Owl pumpkin ale. It's pretty good but I think I'd tire of it quickly
                            No new notable wines

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                            1. re: PorkButt

                              Oh, I saw those Strub's tomatoes -- they looked interesting. They also had a couple of kinds of pickled hot peppers.

                              Alouette creme fraiche -- 99 cents for a small container. I've bought this before, and it's good for 99 cents.

                              99 cents Ragold's Naturals caramen butter toffee -- four ounce bag of individually wrapped pieces. Contains real butter and real sea salt. Pretty tasty! On the natural foods shelves over the freezer case.

                              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                Had there been any pickled peppers there when I stopped by, I would have bought some.

                                The tomatoes are good, tangy without the sharp acidity of commercial pickles. Watch out when you bite into one because it's full of juice.

                            2. San Pablo

                              50 cents - Adro Smoked Sardines

                              I bought these same sardines from Berkely Bowl a few months ago for about two bucks. I liked them because I like all things smoked.

                              However, these are the most smoked sardines I've ever had very similar to smoked oysters or clams. Very nice appearance as well with about a dozen small sardines. The bones aren't very obvious either. All around a pleasant sardine. I'd probably put them in the top ten of the many sardines I've tried. If I wasn't moving to Guatamala next month, I'd stock up.

                              Here's what they look like ... they are Kosher too. Great site ... Society for the appreciation of the lowly tinned sardine

                              I agree with the four out of five tin rating though I might rate them higher. I'd have to look back at my notes to give them a ranking in my list ... but they are definately in the top ten and maybe even the top five. Recommend them even at the regular price

                              The Great Sardine Taste-off – the Spanish Saga (cans 40-49)

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                              1. re: rworange

                                RW, are you moving to Guatamala permanently? I hope not.

                                  1. re: rworange

                                    Glad for you, selfishly sad for me - I love your posts and admire your dedication and stamina in searching out great bites and hidden treasures. Have a terrific time ~ if you start a blog about your experiences in Guatamala, please make sure the link is posted here or with someone here. Thanks for all the pleasure reading.

                                    1. re: rworange

                                      Happy Trails and good eating! Will miss your discoveries.

                                      1. re: rworange

                                        i will really miss your presence here.
                                        be well!

                                        1. re: rworange

                                          RW, I echo the above sentiments. Your posts have been an inspiration to me and I will miss reading about the places you alone seem to find. I've also enjoyed the few exchanges we've had here on the boards. All the best to you, hope to read about your new food adventures!

                                      2. re: rworange

                                        No Adro sardines in Berkeley. Has anyone seen them in Oakland?

                                      3. RWC-
                                        Elizabeth Shaw Vodka Shots (dk chocolate filled with neat, raspberry or lemon vodka) $4.99/18 pieces
                                        Zhena's Gypsy Tea Cocoa berry (also saw Acai berry) $3.99
                                        Marie Calendar's Honey Butter cornbread mix $1.79
                                        Night Owl Pumpkin Beer $1.99
                                        Earthbound Farms organic chopped shallots, roasted garlic, or minced ginger 4.25 oz jar $1.49
                                        Kame Green or red curry paste .99/jar
                                        J&J Cleanburst dental floss 1.99
                                        Alouette Creme Fraiche 7 oz. .99

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                                        1. re: Wheetie

                                          Pacific hazelnut chocolate milk (nut milk with chocolate, no dairy)

                                          At Berk store. This stuff is delicious.

                                          1. re: roster

                                            I had some of this chocolate milk too. Mmmm.

                                            Very briefly, I saw Tropical Source dark chocolate bars and dairy free Dark Chocolate Dream bars. 3 for a dollar! I got the last three bars.

                                            1. re: roster

                                              I love this. But Berkeley was out yesterday.

                                          2. Berkeley's highlight yesterday -
                                            Haagen Dazs salted caramel ice cream bars - $1.79 for 3-pack. I love these, and it's a really great price.

                                            Also Stoneyfield Farms organic raspberry yogurt drink -- good size, 50 cents. These are normally $1-2 at other stores.

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                                            1. re: milklady

                                              Santa Rosa yesterday - Strauss organic ice cream pints - coffee only - for $1.99

                                              1. re: milklady


                                                50 cents - Brown cow yogurt
                                                $1.50 - fresh asparagus
                                                $1.99 - Natural Brew organic grape soda (4 pack)
                                                $3.49 - Alaska Smokehouse salmon (4 oz)
                                                $5.99 - Chock Full O Nuts (the heavenly coffee) big can

                                                Didn't try the grape soda.
                                                There's a new smaller size of that smoked salmon which I like alot.
                                                Raley's / Nob Hill is selling asparagus for $1.27 lb this week which is less expensive than GO. The same size GO bunch only cost me $1.10 at Raley's. Raley's also has Chicken of the Sea tuna for 44 cents this week.

                                                I finally tried the Mr. Z jerkey. The original is pretty decent. It is tender and not the type to rip your teeth out. The flavor reminded me a little of Slim Jim's. The pepper is VERY peppery. Too much for me. I wouldn't buy that flavor again.

                                              2. Berkeley today:

                                                Arrowhead Mills organic Vermont maple granola 1.49
                                                Avocados 2/1.00 smallish, but ripe, not overripe
                                                Earthpure organic tomato sauce, 8oz, .39
                                                Lu dark chocolate madelines 1.99. These look good.

                                                I was specifically looking for marmalade and found some for .99. Made in Egypt.

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                                                1. re: Glencora

                                                  Those LUs are madeleines in name only -- hard, crumbly cookie sandwiches with chocolate middles. Sort like Milano cookies. Funny aftertaste, too. The Arrowhead Mills granola is good, though.

                                                2. Anyone noticed plain (not chocolate, vanilla, etc.) Pacific almond milk at Oakland or Berkeley recently? And do you recall the price on the almond milk? My mother buys a ton of the original flavor, so I'll tell her if anyone's seen that lately, provided it's the large size, not individual packs.

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                                                  1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                                                    $1.99 for the 1/2 gallon (64 oz.) carton but may have been the unsweetened vanilla Pacific almond milk. The vanilla was barely noticeable compared to the vanilla soy milks. Since I shop at Berkeley and Oakland Grocery Outlets, not sure which had it, maybe both stores. I liked it but it really doesn't have much almond in it. There's only about 1 gram of protein per 8 oz. serving so there might about 1 oz. of almonds for the whole box. An ounce of almonds (about 24 almonds) has 6 grams of protein.

                                                    Edited: I corrected the numbers for almond protein.

                                                    1. re: zippo

                                                      Thanks, I'll let my mother know. I didn't realize it came in the 64-oz. size, but I don't shop for it myself. I don't think it's actually meant to be almondy, more a neutral replacement for dairy milk, like rice milk.