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Feb 2, 2010 02:08 PM

pho king jacksonvile

Recently, after suffering from a severe head cold, decided to make my way to Pho King out on Beach Blvd. Let me preface this by saying I am in no way what-so-ever a Pho afficianado. This is only the sedcond restaurant I have ever had Pho at. The restaurant is in an unassuming strip mall. I was very excited upon entering, seeing that we were the only non-asians in the place. The restaurant was clean, and that is my primary requirement for ethnic places. I thought I would be adventurous and order the pho complete with tripe and tendons, rare beef, my DH ordered just with rare beef. The broth was awesome. I would have been satisfied with just a quart of that. The toppings were a bit sparse. Lots of sprouts, but very skimpy on everything else. The meat however, was, in a word, not very good. I realize that tripe and tendons are not for everyone, and I realized that they are not for me (at least in this type of preparation) but the beef just did not taste good. I wanted it to be good, really I did, but it wasn't. The serivce was fine, what was to be expected. As far as Pho in Jax, I will take Saigon Time?(i think thats the name) on cassat any day.

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  1. Yeah, I agree noo. They put all those condiments on every table I guess so you can "have it your way" but I find most of their food bland. #24 pork is the best, but you really have to spin that condiment tray to finish it off.

    1. We've had 2 good pho places close. Stay away from Saigon Time on Cassat. It's the worst I ever had. You might try the one on Cagle off Univ Bv W near I-95, Cali Vietnamese. Also Bowl of Pho on Baymeadows - some good reviews, some mediocre.

      1. Either the owner has a killer sense of humor or doesn't speak much english. "GIVE ME THE PHOKING CHICKEN!!!" ahhahaha