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Feb 2, 2010 02:02 PM

Help! Need place for mom's birthday lunch tomorrow - Westside-ish, great food, quiet, not insanely $$

My elderly mother's birthday, so a quiet room, great food, and somewhat reasonable. I looked at Spago but their lunch prices aren't listed on the menu... Location: from SM to WeHo/Ho.

Please help!

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  1. You could do the Dine LA menu at Spago for lunch. It's $28 for three courses. Maybe also consider FIG or Wilshire.

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    1. re: mollyomormon

      Strongly second the Spago DineLA suggestion. Also somewhat less enthusiastically second the Fig rec. I wasn't wowed by Wilshire's food when I went for lunch so I'd probably lean towards Spago and Fig. Also, Lucques does lunch so you might want to take a look at their menu as well.

      1. re: baloney

        Thanks - I'm not in love w/ Wilshire, either. Would you call Spago at lunch quiet? (Haven't been in eons...)

        1. re: isofood

          Well...not really. But if you sit in the outdoor patio or by the patio doors, it's not very loud. I really can't imagine passing up an opportunity to eat at Spago just because it's not library-like. It fits all your other needs quite well and I think you'll really enjoy it.

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            I appreciate that. We may go there on our own, but if it rains tomorrow and we can't sit outside, it might be a bit much for a group, half of whom are in the elderly set (one is 90, one 86...). Even the hostess - when I asked her for a quiet table - said, 'have you BEEN to Spago before? It's not a quiet restaurant..."

    2. Fraiche in Santa Monica has a nice lunch menu, a quiet and elegant room, and the cobb salad I had was quite good. I'll be holding my mother's 80th birthday there and so far they've been lovely to work with. Another option is Chez Mimi. It's pretty, but I find the menu boring and the food just okay. Nevertheless, it's popular with my mother and her friends.

      1. I'd recommend La Scala in Beverly Hills. It's a good lunch spot that's not too crowded. It's quiet and it's not insanely expensive. I wouldn't classify the food as mindblowing, but it's quite good.

        1. Chez Mimi is lovely...reasonably priced...good food.

          1. Thanks, all. I think I'll look into Fraiche and Fig. Chez Mimi is perfect for atmosphere, but I agree the food's not quite inspired (plus it's my mother's go-to spot and I wanted something new...)

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              I don't think you can go wrong with either choice foodwise, but Fig has valet parking. Fraiche only has a valet at night. Though parking in the public lots is relatively easy at lunch (I like the lot next to Michael's on 3rd), it may pose a problem for your elderly guests.